Friday, October 29, 2010

Press release: Snowcrash Digital joins SpotOn3D®

Press release
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Snowcrash Digital joins SpotOn3D®

Snowcrash Digital is happy to announce that it will expand its range of products and services and start actively developing applications for the Web Worlds™ developed and maintained by SpotOn3D®. Within short term, Snowcrash Digital will open its virtual showroom in SpotOn3D®, bringing along their most popular applications to this new and exciting virtual world.

Snowcrash Digital is a gold certified Second Life® solution provider, most known as the developers of Second Life's leading audio solution "Hermes Audio Technology" and the "Hermes Engage" range of educational tools. Since 2006 Snowcrash Digital has developed specialized scripted solutions and "enabling tools", often merging the 2D-web and 3D environments.

"We believe that due to the current evolution of the market, there will be a growing demand for cross-platform tools. Many of our customers already spread their activities over several virtual worlds, and we think that by offering them their trusted tools in these other environments as well we offer them a valuable service.", marketing director Philippe Pascal states. He adds, "We've been evaluating several OpenSim worlds, often being invited by the people behind them. A key-factor for us in deciding which we'll join is the protection of intellectual property, both ours and our customers - for which SpotOn3D® had a very strong case."

“Virtual worlds are evolving and constantly stretching the bounds of what technology can do, and OpenSim based worlds are at the forefront of that. In our opinion SpotOn3D® have the right approach and are backed by a solid infrastructure, making it a great base to spread out of Second Life® and to take advantage of the innovations that OpenSim brings. We’re excited to be part of that revolution, and to enable others to join it too.”, adds Jim Evans, Snowcrash Digital’s technical director.

More news on the services and products of Snowcrash Digital that will be offered in SpotOn3D® will be announced soon. Keep an eye on Snowcrash Digital's blog at and on this SpotOn3D
® blog for all the latest news and updates.

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For more information about this press release or about Snowcrash Digital, please feel free to contact Snowcrash Digital's marketing director Philippe Pascal at

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