Monday, October 18, 2010

Growth figures - We're growing fast!

The SpotOn3D team is happy to share with you the latest figures on our grid users. It's been an exciting month since the grid first launched, and we're even more excited about having been able to welcome so many people to our new web worlds.

In the last 30 days we had a 15% growth in total registered users, bringing the total to about 1300 registered users. Maybe even more important is our conversions of FREE4EVER accounts to our $2.99 a month Premium Memberships have also went up with 15%, making the total percentage of paid members a whopping 50% of our user base – a remarkable response for such a new grid with very different platform structure using the OpenSim community.

Please note that the figures mentioned above are a reflection of our registered Key Accounts that can hold up to 5 avatars under them. Therefore, our total number of avatars wandering around on our grids varies between 1292 and 6460 avatars.

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