Thursday, October 14, 2010

Press Release: Announcing Edu-Merge

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Announcing Edu-Merge

The SpotOn3D team is proud to announce its Edu-Merge project, a web world that will
be dedicated to education. Thanks to focusing specifically on education, this web world
will provide an easier ground for collaboration between educators. Edu-Merge will be a
cloud driven service, making this web world scalable and capable of supporting many
more avatars per region when necessary. On top of all this educators can already start
building up and using their region on one of the other web worlds, making it possible
for them to enjoy Spoton3D’s special land rush action!

SpotOn3D believes in specialized web worlds between which users can teleport with
one key account for all of these worlds. One of these specialized web worlds soon to
be launched is the Edu-Merge world, specifically focusing on education. Thanks to
specializing the purpose of each web world, SpotOn3D is able to reach out to a clearly
defined target audience, and the effort required of new residents is much lower as
they immediately find what they came for.

Although the Edu-Merge grid is not launched yet, educators can already start building
their sim and having their classes on the SpotOn3D or Veesome grid. Educators will
be offered the option to move over to the Edu-Merge web world when available. This
means they can fully enjoy the special land rush action SpotOn3D currently has going
on - no set-up fee, and a guaranteed low tier for as long as they own the region.

SpotOn3D also takes great pride in customer service, and is most happy to help you
set up your educational facilities in our web worlds - whether you own just a parcel or
your own private grid. For all info on Edu-Merge or Veesome’s special land rush action,
please contact the SpotOn3D team at You can also visit the
special land rush website at or follow to keep up to date with all of our news and
special actions.

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For more information about this topic, or about SpotOn3D in general, please feel free to contact us. Our team is most happy to answer any of your inquiries. (

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