Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yesteryday's Rockcliffe University Presentation

Yesterday, October 20th 2010, Tessa Harrington of SpotOn3D® gave a presentation about the new and exciting SpotOn3D® Web Worlds at the Rockcliffe University in Second Life. Tessa started off by talking about the potential implications of Philip Rosedale leaving Linden Lab again - one of the recent evolutions worrying many Second Life content creators and educators.

Tessa Harrington in virtual, Tessa Kinney-Johnson in real world (15+ year veteran of the 3D Web, as she calls it), described the current situation as "Noah's Ark Time", stating, "It's time to get serious about backing up your content and being prepared to migrate when necessary." adding, " I think between the two investors cashing out this year, the layoffs, the announcement about the TeenGrid and then the declaration of an end to educational discounts makes it clear Linden Lab is in distress." Tessa informed and encouraged the audience of educators to start preparing and backing up, educating them on the many IP legal ways they could back up their team and individual builds and still comply with Linden Lab's 3rd party viewer rules.

No need to panic if you missed yesterday's presentation - Tessa will be giving more presentations about the SpotOn3D® Web Worlds™. If you would be interested in having Tessa come present the possibilities for your community/business, please feel free to leave us a message at

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