Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fashionistas Needed! Designers Coming IN!! Woot!

The SpotON3D grid is now in its 4th month and we've done pretty well I think, but there are still folks who make content asking us why they should come in now since our population still isn't high. Our answer to that is:
  1. Lower Overhead with a 5K full sized region costing only $79.99 a month and a 15K region running just $149.99 a month plus many other  new land property options to fit most any budget.
  2. Real Content Protection in four layers - Technical, Educational, Social, and Legal, making it far more risky for those who would be bent on stealing content to do so.
  3. The ability to sell more safely beyond any one grid's boarders. With a SpotON3D store you can participate in our patent pending Double Dutch Delivery System that allows content creators to decide what grids they trust to expand their product sale to and meet their loyal customer's needs as they being exploring beyond the boarders of SpotON3D & Second Life(r). But More on that in another blog!!
  4. Because SpotON3D was created with business in mind and will be marketing to some of the largest and most active business networking communities online.
What's the big hold up? Content. With approximately 50M+ user base in that business networking sector of the internet, even if we whisper to them marketing wise, we could be run over with up to 4,000 users at our door and all wanting to customize their avatars and rent office spaces. That means we need to have all our ducks in a row. If that isn't reason enough to jump in and be an early adopter, then what is? *-)


Here is a run done on who has signed up to come in and be our first content creator teams to offer their goods to our upcoming target market.

Yes! DeeTalez and two of their other co- designers sell just about everything to outfit male and female avies. They'll be in as soon as they finish reworking their store in SL. Mama Tessa tried to warn them about all those lights, glows and textures. :P But really, Dark and Steffi have done such an awesome job on their cityscape in Second Life(r) and I know its going to be ten times better after this latest tweak. Let's all try and support them by tolerating the lag a bit and shopping more in their store as they get over this hump. Once their in SpotON3D then we can have copies of their work in both our inventories through our Double Dutch Delivery System so cheer them on in their endeavors. More ON Double Dutch Delivery in another blog! Shameless tease!

We also have the esteemed Vasgez McMillian of Exclusiva and the LOOk-BOOk(tm) Virtual Home Shopping (R) system is coming in this month as well. Exclusiva is another great German company that does mixed reality. They design real world fashions and replicate them in virtual, as well as contract with other real world designers to offer the same Mixing real world product with virtual was a huge goal of mine for the SpotON3D grid right from the start, so I'm ecstatic to have them coming in too. *MORE ON THEIR LOOK-BOOK(tm) IN ANOTHER BLOG!

STYLISTICS - Brand Name Quality @ Discount Prices
FallenAngel Savira has a reseller store in Second Life(r) and I was impressed with the way she did things there so asked if she'd be interested in coming to our grid with her reseller collection to be sold through Stylistics. She's graciously agreed and we'll be setting up the Stylistics store for her this week to manage for SpotON3D and fill to the brim with great low cost items. This makes sure we have a price line for anyone's virtual needs. In this economy that's important, be it real wear or virtual. Make sure you go by and say 'Hi' to FallenAngel and welcome her to our family.

ARKAD's Home & Garden
Then we have Arkad's Home & Garden store, reselling some of the best landscaping items you could want for, as well as great accessories, such as pots and arbors. He's a super guy too. Won't find a nicer vendor out there.

Sunny Salamander is our Professional Business Tool Guru, creating some awesome inworld gadgets for our users when we start courting the online business communities like the 50m+ LinkedIn crowd.So far he's got a stellar PowerPoint tool with super easy loading of your PPT Slides that also preioad, so no waiting for them to rez, his in world white board system and his video display gadget. He's also got a conference room available for use if you need it and he'll be building an open air arena on his plot in Lambda to be the go to place in SpotON3D for community meetings and such.

A.C.T. & Rosewood SO3D Enterprise Developers
As Well as Our Resident Contract Builders - Lora Chadbourne & Felonious Nitely
Lora Chadbourne and Felonious Nitely both have worked with me as contract builders and are just superb at what they do. They are slowly going through their products and updating them for our grid, seeing they are not limited by the 10M restriction like they had in Second Life (r). They will be offering their services to our two SO3D Enterprise Developers, A.C.T., Applied Creative Training and Rosewood Enterprises as needed, and are open for projects anyone might need, both small and large.

As you can tell, things are really picking up in SpotON3D! So now that begs the question as to why are YOU coming over to check us out? *-)