Friday, September 9, 2011

M&M Creations

It is a true pleasure in a world were one can often live out their virtual dreams, to come across some of those who have mastered the art of not only realism but creation.

One such is Macrthur Goosson . He is the proprietor of M&M creations in partnership with 10 Goosson.

I ventured into his store on and was instantly reminded of some great masters from the past. On the floor grace something reminiscent of Davinci himself, and the surrounding reminded me of a by gone era, very long ago, yet while other pieces pulled you to another time and place, like a theater where at any moment the actors would take their place.

As the eye gazes across the courtyard, surveying in all there is to see, you have to stop and think for a moment, for it is not so much a shop, as one would suspect, but a feast for the eyes. I walked across the courtyard to as the trees captured my attention, and as I ventured, I noticed The Frog Prince, perched upon a rotunda as if to say, yes I rule here. The whimsical features and masculine structure gives one the opportunity to really enjoy shopping.

One of the really great features I enjoyed about shopping here, was the ability to rez an example, and see the entire product before my eyes. My favorite however, were the trees. I could not help but notice the realism that was put into them and how at first, it startled me, as even the shadow was present. I was in awe at once, by his mastery and have to say, SpotON3D really has acquired some wonderful artists, and Macrthur has acquired a new customer!

I hope to see you all there soon - Varda Silver

Sunday, September 4, 2011