Monday, September 13, 2010

The Mac is Coming and other TidBits...

Whats New

Hey Hey folks, we got some great news for those that use a Mac, we now have a Mac Viewer Client in Beta, you can get it at Spoton3D download page here.

Animals Are Coming!

Rumor has it that we are getting furries! Yes indeed a big name on Second Life is opening a store on VeeSome, more news about this soon.

Help Needed

Are you good with OpenSim, do you know your P & Q's in Second Life? We are looking for mentors to help folks with questions and to show them around VeeSome. If you patience, have a good amount of knowledge and a little time please contact Shinmai Sasagawa in world. Oh, I forgot to tell you what you get for it, yes it comes with benefits. In Mentor village you can choose a house you can use as an office, do some demonstration's or even a mini-store. You also get a spot of land off VeeSome Central as a place to relax.

That's A Big Piece of Land!

Did you know we have MegaRegions? What is a MegaRegion? Well its four of our islands glued together to make one huge island. You can get your own Megaregion for the current price of $149.99 a month. There is a demo region you can view in Spoton3D in Aquila.

Megaregions are not like separate regions, they are one large region so there is no hesitation when you move around as you get from going from one region to another. This program is in Beta testing so please, if you wish to try one, be patient and give helpful feedback.
If you are interested please send an email to

Wrapping it up for today, see you all in world soon!