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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Female & Male AOs Available on SpotONSynergy - Check it Out!

If you aren't satisfied with what any of the standard Animation Overriders (AOs) in SpotON3D provide and are looking for something more, then you will want to check out Michael Somerset's new AOs, available now for purchase on SpotONSynergy. Michael creates all of his own animations, so each of them is an original, not available elsewhere!

There are two different AOs, one female and one male. The female version contains 38 animations, which includes a walk that has less hip sway than the ones traditionally found in female AOs, giving it a more modest and less "aggressive" feel. The male version contains 24 animations, with a more sports-oriented run (one that he previously used as part of a football league in Second Life).

Both AOs contain a choice of five standing positions. Michael has designed the different stands so that they flow seamlessly from start to finish, without the annoying "jerk" that you often see with other AOs when their animations loop.

There is also a choice of animations for sit and ground sit, as well as new crouching, flying, and falling animations in both. Each of them also has a swim built in, making them truly versatile AOs.

Michael tells me that he soon will be releasing a second female AO, one that uses a more traditional female walk for those who prefer that. He will list this additional AO once he has it ready, so please keep checking back.

Michael Somerset's male and female AOs were developed for use in the SpotON3D Web Worlds, and they are listed on SpotONSynergy for SO$ 300 each. If you are looking to upgrade your current AO, then be sure to check them out today! And also be sure to check out Michael's other fine animation products listed on the SpotONSynergy Marketplace.

Freebie of the Day: Teak Bookcase

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Get Ready for 2012 with Frets Nirvana - Friday Dec 30, 1pm Pacific

Total Guitar! That's what you hear when you listen to Frets Nirvana. Using acoustic, resonator and electric guitars, Fret's pallette of sound is quite varied and always interesting!

Frets Nirvana grew up in the rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio and in his good old band days could be seen hanging out and playing in clubs with the likes of Joe Walsh and the James Gang and Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp. Adding vocals to his wide music variety of tonal colors, a performance by Frets Nirvana always offers interesting music for the listener. If you like great guitar playing then check Frets out in in SpotON3D! You are guaranteed an enjoyable music experience!

Listen to Frets Nirvana perform an hour of fine rock/blues/jazz at the Blue Shanty stage in Shanty Town this Friday, December 30, from 1pm-2pm MVT/Pacific. The stage is located in SpotON3D at: Shanty%20Town/65/58/35.

If you don't already have your FREE SpotON3D account, get one now at, or thru Facebook at

What a great way to get fired up for the New Year! Come on down to the Blue Shanty this Friday, and kick your New Year off with a bang!

Freebie of the Day: A Set of Sculpt Door Fittings

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Monday, December 26, 2011

"AVATARZAN: Lord Gray Bloke" -- Wednesday, Dec. 28 at 1pm MVT

Come to SpotON3D this Wednesday for 40 minutes of fun and laughter! Enjoy the buffoonery as we perform our very first original play: AVATARZAN, LORD GREY BLOKE, written, produced and directed by Ixmal Supermarine!

The performance is on WEDNESDAY, 28 DECEMBER 2011 AT 1:00PM MVT (Pacific time), in the World of SpotON3D. The location will be the beautiful Danau Biru sim, located at Once you arrive, just walk down the hill to the waterside. Here you will have a good view of the "stage", which is the large tree and surrounding area just across the river.

AVATARZAN, LORD GRAY BLOKE is a comedy spoof that will be performed using voice (so make sure you have speakers or a headset). The show should last about 40 minutes. And the best part is... it's FREE!

To attend the performance, you will first need to set up an account on SpotON3D. If you don't already have your FREE account, get one now at, or thru Facebook at !

Friday, December 23, 2011

Reminder to Creators: ALWAYS Use an Unpacking Script!

When you list your products on SpotONSynergy, please remember to place an unpacking script into the box. This will allow the purchaser to wear the item, and then touch it to copy the contents to a folder.

The current version of the unpacking script is named “SpotON3D Unpacking Script 1.1”. You can obtain a copy of it, along with sample boxes containing the script, from the SpotON3D Merchant Essentials box, available at the SO3D Resource Center at On the Resource Wall, find the yellow “Scripting Resources Information” display, and click the blue “Merchant” ball near the top right. The script will also be provided as part of the Merchant Starter Kit, available for free from SpotONSynergy by clicking the link “Get The Merchant Startup Kit”.

After you have boxed your items, drop the SpotON3D Unpacking Script inside along with the other contents. This will do two things:

  • It will add the phrase “(Wear Me)” to the end of the object name. We want to do this because it is simpler for purchasers to wear the box and unpack it that way, rather than to be forced to go to a rezzing area. Also, rezzing boxes encourages littering :)

  • It will create floating text for the box, with the name of the box and the phrase “Touch to unpack” added to the end.

When the purchaser touches the box, it will copy everything (except for the script itself) into a folder in their inventory. The folder name will be the same as that of the box. And, after the contents are unpacked, the box will automatically detach itself from the avatar’s body (if you are using the current version of the script).

If you are using an older version of the script (without the 1.1 at the end of the name), then please be sure to manually add the phrase "(Wear Me)" to the end of the box name before placing it into your Merchant box.

Providing an unpacking script in the box for each listing gives the purchaser a simple and consistent way to receive merchandise. Please keep this in mind as you list items on our Marketplace.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SpotON3D Office Hours - Upcoming Web Site & Community Updates

Office Hours is a live, and usually filmed, inworld forum where you can get the latest news on what’s up with SpotON3D, ask questions, and find out how you can join in on the fun.

During Office Hours on Friday, December 16, Tessa Harrington announced several exciting changes that will affect the design and layout of our Web sites, including some naming changes that will take effect in the near future. She also went over ways in which the different Web world communities will be able to connect with one another.

After considering the available options, we have decided that we will be switching our Web development platform from Drupal to Wordpress. Even though we have only been using Drupal for a short time, there were several reasons that we chose to do this now:

  • While Drupal does offer tools that make it easier for non-technical personnel to change Web site content, it became evident that getting Drupal to meet our requirements would require some effort, and that the learning curve for developing a site was simply too high given our ambitious schedule. Using Wordpress should offer a much quicker development time -- around a week per site, vs. 3-4 weeks with Drupal.

  • There are many more skilled Wordpress coders out there than there are Drupal coders, which gives us more options for contracting out some of the work.

  • Using Wordpress should make it easier for region owners to set up their own region home page, which is the page that displays in the Web window when you enter a region.

With the switch to Wordpress, we will now focus on launching our upcoming sites quickly. This will include Biz-Grid, Edu-Merge, Veesome, Colony3D, and Homestone3D.

Sometime after the first of the year, we will be changing the name of our corporate site to, and this will become our corporate identity. We think that the name Worldworks will give us a more professional looking, less game-oriented front face for our interactions with business and educational users, and even with content creators.

We will continue to use the name "SpotON3D" as a community name, especially when working with those who have come here from other Web worlds such as Second Life, IMVU, Kaneva, Inworldz, etc. Members of these communities are familiar with the name SpotON3D, and therefore it only makes sense to continue using it for that purpose.

Each Web world community will have its own entry point. Worldworks will become the main one, with portals containing information and possibly videos of each of the other worlds. Visitors will come through this portal, and can then choose which world they wish to enter -- Veesome, Biz-Grid, Edu-Merge, and other worlds as they become available. They will then be transported to the entry point for that community. At any point, they can always come back to the entry point of the community they are in, or back to the Worldworks entry point, and then go elsewhere. Or if someone knows exactly where they wish to go, they can always choose a location directly from the Destinations tab in their viewer.

As a company, we are anxiously looking forward to 2012. We believe we have a great staff and a great community of residents, and because of that we will continue to grow by leaps and bounds.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Message to Creators: Expand, don't Abandon

What does "Expand, don't Abandon" mean?
Many of us have come to SpotON3D from Second Life, and we love what they have to offer and are grateful to them for providing a vision upon which we and others could build. We also appreciate the work that other Opensim developers have accomplished so far, and love that we are part of a large virtual community. Therefore, as we promote the SpotON3D Web Worlds to others, we need to be careful that our actions are not interpreted as being a put-down of Second Life, or for that matter of other virtual worlds.

Our message is not for you to leave Second Life or other virtual worlds for here, but to consider expanding your presence to here. We believe that coming to SpotON3D will give creators like yourself many competitive advantages, including enhanced intellectual property protection and a new market for your products, as we anticipate that the friends & family, business and educational markets will continue to grow here over the coming years.

Backup Your Content: Preserve Your Ability To Expand!
That being said, we do want to bring up something for those currently developing in Second Life. it should be noted that there is a real possibility that at some point Linden Labs may choose to restrict third party viewer access in such a way that would make it impossible for creators to export their own content from Second Life. They have already stated that their own viewers will not include the ability to export content, and with the restrictions that have already been imposed on third party viewers, it is not unlikely that those viewers will eventually be blocked from providing any features that the official viewer does not. As a precaution, we therefore encourage anyone who has created something of value on Second Life to back it up, using either XML export or the Stored Inventory program. As a service to the community, we would be willing to assist creators in doing such, even if your ultimate goal is not to sell your products here or to rent land from us.

Expand to SpotON3D Today!
There have already been many talented creators who have expanded their virtual presence from Second Life, IMVU, and other virtual worlds into SpotON3D. If you are a content creator, why not consider taking advantage of our unprecedented content protection and growing markets? You can get in touch with us to discuss your options at And come visit us by setting up your Free4Ever account at

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fret Nirvana performing today! in 1 hour on SPotOn3D

Hey all, wanna join me and hang out for Fret Nirvana's jam session at the Blue Shanty jazz club? That's in SpotON3D at 1pm SL - about 1.5 hours from now. Then jump in and get yrou avie geared up by going HERE: and grab one of the approved clients - highly recommend the SpotON3D one. Once you get the viewer use this 3DURL to beam directly in -

Freebie of the Day: Tintable Couch Set

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homestone3D Is Coming!

... What's this?

Homestone3D is an all new 3D Gorean Roleplay-dedicated Web World. Dive into this unique space with mercenaries, outlaws, panthers, pirates, smugglers, assassins, free men, free women, slaves, wagon people, sand people, and so much more. There will be literally hundreds of roles to choose from, and if you're not sure what you'd like to be, our volunteers and mentors will be ready to help you learn about each role.

Discover a whole new Web World

There are no NPCs (Non Player Characters) -- just people like you from all over the world coming together to have fun. Use boats, kaiila, wagons, tarns and more to travel from city to city as a merchant trader stopping at all the outposts along the way. Come charge across the land to storm the city gates to raid your enemies' cities. You choose your role and battle for your home stone or live the life of your medieval ancestors all on the planet of Gor.

Project Updates

As of December 2011, Homestone3D is still moving ahead on schedule. Homestone3D is a Private Label Web World, and is expected to grow to 1000 regions or more. This world will be adult themed, and will eventually become the home base for ALL adult-themed worlds and activities within SpotON3D (not to imply that all adult activity will be Gorean, only that Homestone3D will handle the registration process).

In spite of some setbacks, including the loss of Shammy McMahon’s services, the world is expected to open very soon. It will be a subscription based service separate from SpotON3D, with its own rate structure.

Make money off your creative skills

Learn to build, script, make clothes, make hair and more to earn real life money that can be cashed out into USD. Already a content creator? Then please register at and contact Home Stone for shop space on the Homestone3D welcome and social sim.

RSVP Today!

If you want to learn more about this exciting endeavor and how you can be a part of it, e-mail us at, or go to 241468542577586/ to be a part of the Facebook Official Launch event!

Freebie of the Day: A Phantom Child Prim Script

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Frets Nirvana Performs at Shanty Town - Friday, Dec. 16, 2011

Total Guitar! That is what you hear when you listen to Frets Nirvana. Using acoustic, resonator and electric guitars, Fret's pallette of sound is quite varied and always interesting!

Frets Nirvana grew up in the rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio and in his good old band days could be seen hanging out and playing in clubs with the likes of Joe Walsh and the James Gang and Phil Keaggy and Glass Harp. Adding vocals to his wide music variety of tonal colors, a performance by Frets Nirvana always offers interesting music for the listener. If you like great guitar playing then check Frets out in in SpotON3D! You are guaranteed an enjoyable music experience!

If you haven't heard this incredible talent, then you don't know what you've been missing! Come and listen to Frets Nirvana perform an hour of fine rock/blues/jazz at the Blue Shanty stage in Shanty Town this Friday, December 16, from 1pm-2pm MVT/Pacific. The stage is located in SpotON3D at:

Freebie of the Day: A Set of Doors and Example Scripts

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Monday, December 12, 2011

The First Ever Web World Genealogy Expo - Jan. 20-22, 2012

"Linking Generations in a New World"

Recently, there has been an explosion of interest in the field of ancestry research. Many online communities have sprung up in an attempt to bring people together so that ancestry buffs can exchange information and ideas. The fact remains, however, that some of the best ancestry research is still done the "old fashioned" way -- through family members sharing memories with other family members. SpotON3D wants to bridge this gap with our newest Web World, Colony3D, which will open in early 2012. To introduce everyone to this, we will be holding a Web World Genealogy EXPO from January 20-22, 2012.

The Web World Genealogy EXPO is our way to introduce our newest Web World, Colony3D, as a destination for the genealogy communities out there. Instead of just waving our 3D flag and saying, “Come and visit this really scary, techie place!”, we thought that having an EXPO would be a much friendlier and less threatening means of demonstrating what Web Worlds can do for those interested in genealogical research.

This will be a no cost event for the communities, and we will be reaching out to them via Facebook and Twitter-- social networks they trust and love. By pointing to our Facebook Plug-in, it gives us immediate recognition and lowers the barrier for entry, something we all know has been the single most talked about problem with getting people into digital social arenas.

Colony3D will be a place where families can come together, share memories, and participate as a group in building their family tree. The goal of the EXPO is to introduce and elevate the Colony3D brand and the 3D Family Tree offering to them in a more social, less commercial manner. We are approaching many of the major players in the genealogy industry, such as and Facebook community groups, inviting them to come and participate in the Colony3D EXPO absolutely free. Our hope is that they will not only see the advantage of doing these types of events online through SpotOn3D’s platform, but will see the value in gaining important recognition by association.

Come and attend this ground-breaking event! The Genealogy EXPO will take place starting on Friday, January 20, and will run through Sunday, January 22, 2012. We will be putting out updates as the event gets closer, along with an agenda and a 3DURL to the EXPO site. Hope to see you there!

Freebie of the Day: A Patio Seat

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Freebie of the Day: A Picnic Table

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The New GridWrap Studios Sim -- YOUR Turn To Be a STAR!

The GridWrap studio area in SpotON3D is the location where we record our bi-weekly show GridWrap, hosted by Varda Silver. For these shows, the public is invited to come join us as Varda speaks with a fascinating member of our community. Varda's style brings out the best in everyone, and makes us feel that we come away knowing the person much better. At the end of each show, the audience is invited to ask questions, so it is truly an interactive experience.

Now it's YOUR turn!
Are you an organization wanting to produce your own shows like GridWrap, but have not had the means? SpotON3D would like to offer you that chance. We recently redesigned our GridWrap area, so that there are now eight outdoor studios in a circular arrangement surrounding the main studio, and each of them can be configured in different ways.

If you are a group or organization that would like to produce your own shows in a virtual environment and have it reach out to a large audience, we are offering you the opportunity to make use of one of these areas, setting it up how you choose.

Our rate for the service is currently $49.99 USD for two shows a month. This rate includes filming of your show, and uploading to our Livestream channel with the rights for you to embed the video into your own Web page. If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please get in touch with us at The GridWrap studios are located inside the SpotON3D Web Worlds at 127/134/23.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

SpotON3D Web Site Redesign

If you have visited recently, you have noticed that it has a much cleaner and more streamlined look. This was accomplished over the course of a month or so, with the help of an outside service working closely with our marketing staff. The comments we have received so far have been that it looks much more professional and less cluttered. There is still more work to be done on the site, but overall we are very happy with the way that it has turned out.

At the heart of the newly redesigned Web site is a product called Drupal. This is an open source content management platform that helps to better organize the development process, and to set up individuals who can work directly on portions of site content without the technical expertise normally required for Web site work. Drupal has been used to meet the needs of many different types of Web sites, such as news portals, corporate sites, educational institutions, and media sites. Some current Web sites using Drupal are Symantec Connect, Popular Science, Yahoo! Research, Amherst College, Sony Music and Warner Brothers Records.

Although Drupal provides a more structured way to build Web sites, this is not to suggest that Drupal will simplify all aspects of development; there is still a great deal of “behind-the-scenes” work that will need to be done to set up a functional Web site. But by separating the content (what the browser shows you) from the background tasks, this should make routine site maintenance much easier.

Training sessions are being scheduled to bring those involved with Web site development up to speed in ways to effectively use the product. We will be using Drupal to develop our other Web World sites in a similar fashion. This includes Colony3D, Veesome, Biz-Grid, Edu-merge, Homestone3D, and others to follow.

We all hope that you find this new Web site format much easier to use and less intimidating. Please feel free to let us know!

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Winter' - HotSwap Scene by 10 goosson

This stunning video, produced by the amazing Varda Silver, not only tells an enchanting story, but also showcases a beautiful winter scene that was created by 10 goosson, one of our very talented creators and co-owner of M&M Creations in SpotON3D. The scene was developed totally from scratch, and has been packaged for sale on the SpotONSynergy marketplace using our exclusive technology, HotSwap Scenes. If you are currently renting a region, you can purchase this scene for your own use, and call it up on demand. With HotSwap Scenes, a single region can take on many different appearances, depending upon what you want it to be at the time -- a business area, a park, a tropical island, a winter wonderland...the possibilities are endless. Purchasing a HotSwap Scene gives you the rights to use that build on your region only, and to allow its objects to be shared with others through group rights.

We are very excited about what 10 has accomplished, and she seems equally happy with the result. "To get the opportunity to build an entire Sim is unique. I worked a full month on this Scene with a lot of help from friends and skilled Team members of SpotON3D WebWorlds! I'm very grateful SpotON3D offers creators a lot of features to create their wildest dreams, and offers these to all residents and embraces the content 'we' bring in."

Go here if you are renting a region and would like to purchase this scene. Note that along with this you will be purchasing a HotSwap account, which is $29.99 USD/month for up to 10 swap-slots, and that this is a separate fee from the cost of the HotSwap scene itself.

Thank you again, 10, for all of your wonderful work!

The Macintosh Web World Plug-in - an update

A few months ago, SpotON3D came out with the first Web World plug-in for Windows. This was a ground-breaking development, as it allows those unfamiliar with virtual worlds to come into SpotON3D using a fully-functional viewer embedded into a web page, and in particular to come in directly from their individual Facebook accounts.

In contrast to the Windows plug-in, developing the Mac version of the plug-in has been a bit of a nightmare for us, BUT … having said that, the beta version has been out for about two weeks now. As expected, many bug reports came back and we’re working through them all.

The biggest problem we’re now facing is the invisibility bug, which has been a problem of late for the Window clients as well, but which we believe is an unrelated issue. We think that we’ve mostly solved the problem for Windows users, but we won’t be certain of that until we release a new client. The Mac plug-in, being a bug of a different breed, will undoubtedly take longer.

As for now, the Mac plug-in can properly display the World View in a browser. Unlike Windows or Linux, the plug-in for Mac required significant changes to the way it renders graphics and to how it handles mouse and keyboard input. These features are considered "low-level" and are badly documented, if documented at all. Making it work required a lot of trial-and-error, with the only feedback after fixing an issue being, "I still can't see anything in the browser".

When debugged and retested, the Mac plug-in should support all Mac OSX 10.6 and newer systems. Sorry, MACers with older systems! We do love you, but this is just the reality of the somewhat antiquated MAC graphics processing system.

The solutions for all the plug-ins and viewers included having to find a stable version of the Mono run-time system, and applying some other bug fixes. The issues are not completely gone, but we are investigating several alternative causes and solutions. One of the big changes is how HTTP calls are handled now. We’ve had to rewrite large parts of our server back end and how they handle internal calls to make it compliant with the standard. As a result we should all see a more stable platform experience, even when it’s stressed by multiple requests at the same time.

The remaining known issues with the Mac plug-in that are still open are:
- Avatars turn invisible after a few seconds. This has been reported to happen with the Mac standalone viewer too, but not as frequently.
- Safari is freezing up after a while, though Firefox and Chrome work fine.
- On Mac OSX 10.7, the plug-in tends to crash.

We hope that with continued feedback and testing, we will be able to introduce a fully operational version of the Mac plug-in to the community very soon.

Freebie of the Day: A One Prim Deck

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Monday, December 5, 2011

SpotON3D Raven Quest 2011

"Once upon a midnight dreary..."

Those are the opening words of "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, a classic literary work recognized and loved by millions. Using this haunting poem as inspiration, several of SpotON3D's creative residents have joined forces to create an exciting multi-region hunt game called Raven Quest 2011.

Raven Quest 2011 is the brainchild of Ixmal Supermarine, a dramatic actor who has been with SpotON3D for several years now, and who has recently been serving us as a Moderator (those of us who greet and provide help to visitors as well as to other residents). Those helping Ixmal in his endeavors are 10 Goosson, co-owner of M&M Creations, who generously donated the ravens and provided use of her region for a portion of the quest; JubJub Forder, who created the sculpted textures used for the raven and allowed them to be used as part of the hunt; and Kitteh Noir, a talented builder who created an absolutely splendid recreation of Edgar Allen Poe's home. The various free items given out were donated by Ixmal, Felonious Nitely, Calypso Llewellyn, Riley Hope, and Lindy Low.

There are 26 ravens, labeled alphabetically from A to Z, placed at different locations spread across two regions of the SpotON3D Web Worlds. The quest starts from one of our two "landing areas", where visitors first come in. At each of those locations, you will find a huge raven perched nearby. If you click the raven, you will receive a starter packet containing instructions, an "alphabet tower" that you can fill in (described later), and a landmark to where you can find the first raven in the hunt.

If you choose to play, your task is to find all ravens from A to Z, and then 'touch' each one as you find it to receive its contents. All ravens (except the last) will contain a clue to where you can find the next raven. They will also contain some type of free item that you can enjoy, and a texture containing a portion of the poem that you can later drop onto the alphabet tower, which contains 26 labeled spaces. The free rewards included in each raven are given out 'as is' with no warranty, and are not for resale.

Those taking part in the hunt may wish to join the SpotON3D group 'Raven Questers' to keep informed of hunt-related activities, and to provide an easy means to chat with other players. Please, do NOT publish raven locations or tell others how to solve the Quest -- its fun lies in doing it yourself. You may, however, wish to work as a team while questing.

So jump onto SpotON3D, and experience this fun way to explore! When I went through it myself, I saw many things that I didn't realize were here. And this is only the beginning! Future hunts of this sort are expected, covering a much wider area and letting you explore the SpotON3D Web Worlds while having a great time.

If you don't already have a SpotON3D avatar, you can create one now by going to

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Freebie of the Day: A Student Desk

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Grid Wrap, feat. Emedea Morgenstern - Saturday, Dec. 3 from 1pm-2pm MVT/Pacific

Come join us on Saturday for Grid Wrap, a bi-weekly program with host Varda Silver. This week, Varda will be interviewing Emedea Morgenstern of Rag Dollz Steampunk Emporium. Emedea's company sells a wonderful selection of Steampunk, Victorian & other clothing style, and we are happy to say that she has opened up a store here in SpotON3D! Come and listen to an engaging discussion with this fascinating creator.

The GridWrap Studios are located in the SpotON3D Web Worlds at If you are unable to make it to the show, you can listen in at

If you don't already have a Free4Ever Account, you can sign up for one at