Monday, December 26, 2011

"AVATARZAN: Lord Gray Bloke" -- Wednesday, Dec. 28 at 1pm MVT

Come to SpotON3D this Wednesday for 40 minutes of fun and laughter! Enjoy the buffoonery as we perform our very first original play: AVATARZAN, LORD GREY BLOKE, written, produced and directed by Ixmal Supermarine!

The performance is on WEDNESDAY, 28 DECEMBER 2011 AT 1:00PM MVT (Pacific time), in the World of SpotON3D. The location will be the beautiful Danau Biru sim, located at Once you arrive, just walk down the hill to the waterside. Here you will have a good view of the "stage", which is the large tree and surrounding area just across the river.

AVATARZAN, LORD GRAY BLOKE is a comedy spoof that will be performed using voice (so make sure you have speakers or a headset). The show should last about 40 minutes. And the best part is... it's FREE!

To attend the performance, you will first need to set up an account on SpotON3D. If you don't already have your FREE account, get one now at, or thru Facebook at !

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