Thursday, December 8, 2011

SpotON3D Web Site Redesign

If you have visited recently, you have noticed that it has a much cleaner and more streamlined look. This was accomplished over the course of a month or so, with the help of an outside service working closely with our marketing staff. The comments we have received so far have been that it looks much more professional and less cluttered. There is still more work to be done on the site, but overall we are very happy with the way that it has turned out.

At the heart of the newly redesigned Web site is a product called Drupal. This is an open source content management platform that helps to better organize the development process, and to set up individuals who can work directly on portions of site content without the technical expertise normally required for Web site work. Drupal has been used to meet the needs of many different types of Web sites, such as news portals, corporate sites, educational institutions, and media sites. Some current Web sites using Drupal are Symantec Connect, Popular Science, Yahoo! Research, Amherst College, Sony Music and Warner Brothers Records.

Although Drupal provides a more structured way to build Web sites, this is not to suggest that Drupal will simplify all aspects of development; there is still a great deal of “behind-the-scenes” work that will need to be done to set up a functional Web site. But by separating the content (what the browser shows you) from the background tasks, this should make routine site maintenance much easier.

Training sessions are being scheduled to bring those involved with Web site development up to speed in ways to effectively use the product. We will be using Drupal to develop our other Web World sites in a similar fashion. This includes Colony3D, Veesome, Biz-Grid, Edu-merge, Homestone3D, and others to follow.

We all hope that you find this new Web site format much easier to use and less intimidating. Please feel free to let us know!

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