Monday, December 5, 2011

SpotON3D Raven Quest 2011

"Once upon a midnight dreary..."

Those are the opening words of "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, a classic literary work recognized and loved by millions. Using this haunting poem as inspiration, several of SpotON3D's creative residents have joined forces to create an exciting multi-region hunt game called Raven Quest 2011.

Raven Quest 2011 is the brainchild of Ixmal Supermarine, a dramatic actor who has been with SpotON3D for several years now, and who has recently been serving us as a Moderator (those of us who greet and provide help to visitors as well as to other residents). Those helping Ixmal in his endeavors are 10 Goosson, co-owner of M&M Creations, who generously donated the ravens and provided use of her region for a portion of the quest; JubJub Forder, who created the sculpted textures used for the raven and allowed them to be used as part of the hunt; and Kitteh Noir, a talented builder who created an absolutely splendid recreation of Edgar Allen Poe's home. The various free items given out were donated by Ixmal, Felonious Nitely, Calypso Llewellyn, Riley Hope, and Lindy Low.

There are 26 ravens, labeled alphabetically from A to Z, placed at different locations spread across two regions of the SpotON3D Web Worlds. The quest starts from one of our two "landing areas", where visitors first come in. At each of those locations, you will find a huge raven perched nearby. If you click the raven, you will receive a starter packet containing instructions, an "alphabet tower" that you can fill in (described later), and a landmark to where you can find the first raven in the hunt.

If you choose to play, your task is to find all ravens from A to Z, and then 'touch' each one as you find it to receive its contents. All ravens (except the last) will contain a clue to where you can find the next raven. They will also contain some type of free item that you can enjoy, and a texture containing a portion of the poem that you can later drop onto the alphabet tower, which contains 26 labeled spaces. The free rewards included in each raven are given out 'as is' with no warranty, and are not for resale.

Those taking part in the hunt may wish to join the SpotON3D group 'Raven Questers' to keep informed of hunt-related activities, and to provide an easy means to chat with other players. Please, do NOT publish raven locations or tell others how to solve the Quest -- its fun lies in doing it yourself. You may, however, wish to work as a team while questing.

So jump onto SpotON3D, and experience this fun way to explore! When I went through it myself, I saw many things that I didn't realize were here. And this is only the beginning! Future hunts of this sort are expected, covering a much wider area and letting you explore the SpotON3D Web Worlds while having a great time.

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