Wednesday, December 7, 2011

'Winter' - HotSwap Scene by 10 goosson

This stunning video, produced by the amazing Varda Silver, not only tells an enchanting story, but also showcases a beautiful winter scene that was created by 10 goosson, one of our very talented creators and co-owner of M&M Creations in SpotON3D. The scene was developed totally from scratch, and has been packaged for sale on the SpotONSynergy marketplace using our exclusive technology, HotSwap Scenes. If you are currently renting a region, you can purchase this scene for your own use, and call it up on demand. With HotSwap Scenes, a single region can take on many different appearances, depending upon what you want it to be at the time -- a business area, a park, a tropical island, a winter wonderland...the possibilities are endless. Purchasing a HotSwap Scene gives you the rights to use that build on your region only, and to allow its objects to be shared with others through group rights.

We are very excited about what 10 has accomplished, and she seems equally happy with the result. "To get the opportunity to build an entire Sim is unique. I worked a full month on this Scene with a lot of help from friends and skilled Team members of SpotON3D WebWorlds! I'm very grateful SpotON3D offers creators a lot of features to create their wildest dreams, and offers these to all residents and embraces the content 'we' bring in."

Go here if you are renting a region and would like to purchase this scene. Note that along with this you will be purchasing a HotSwap account, which is $29.99 USD/month for up to 10 swap-slots, and that this is a separate fee from the cost of the HotSwap scene itself.

Thank you again, 10, for all of your wonderful work!

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