Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homestone3D Is Coming!

... What's this?

Homestone3D is an all new 3D Gorean Roleplay-dedicated Web World. Dive into this unique space with mercenaries, outlaws, panthers, pirates, smugglers, assassins, free men, free women, slaves, wagon people, sand people, and so much more. There will be literally hundreds of roles to choose from, and if you're not sure what you'd like to be, our volunteers and mentors will be ready to help you learn about each role.

Discover a whole new Web World

There are no NPCs (Non Player Characters) -- just people like you from all over the world coming together to have fun. Use boats, kaiila, wagons, tarns and more to travel from city to city as a merchant trader stopping at all the outposts along the way. Come charge across the land to storm the city gates to raid your enemies' cities. You choose your role and battle for your home stone or live the life of your medieval ancestors all on the planet of Gor.

Project Updates

As of December 2011, Homestone3D is still moving ahead on schedule. Homestone3D is a Private Label Web World, and is expected to grow to 1000 regions or more. This world will be adult themed, and will eventually become the home base for ALL adult-themed worlds and activities within SpotON3D (not to imply that all adult activity will be Gorean, only that Homestone3D will handle the registration process).

In spite of some setbacks, including the loss of Shammy McMahon’s services, the world is expected to open very soon. It will be a subscription based service separate from SpotON3D, with its own rate structure.

Make money off your creative skills

Learn to build, script, make clothes, make hair and more to earn real life money that can be cashed out into USD. Already a content creator? Then please register at and contact Home Stone for shop space on the Homestone3D welcome and social sim.

RSVP Today!

If you want to learn more about this exciting endeavor and how you can be a part of it, e-mail us at, or go to 241468542577586/ to be a part of the Facebook Official Launch event!

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