Monday, December 19, 2011

Our Message to Creators: Expand, don't Abandon

What does "Expand, don't Abandon" mean?
Many of us have come to SpotON3D from Second Life, and we love what they have to offer and are grateful to them for providing a vision upon which we and others could build. We also appreciate the work that other Opensim developers have accomplished so far, and love that we are part of a large virtual community. Therefore, as we promote the SpotON3D Web Worlds to others, we need to be careful that our actions are not interpreted as being a put-down of Second Life, or for that matter of other virtual worlds.

Our message is not for you to leave Second Life or other virtual worlds for here, but to consider expanding your presence to here. We believe that coming to SpotON3D will give creators like yourself many competitive advantages, including enhanced intellectual property protection and a new market for your products, as we anticipate that the friends & family, business and educational markets will continue to grow here over the coming years.

Backup Your Content: Preserve Your Ability To Expand!
That being said, we do want to bring up something for those currently developing in Second Life. it should be noted that there is a real possibility that at some point Linden Labs may choose to restrict third party viewer access in such a way that would make it impossible for creators to export their own content from Second Life. They have already stated that their own viewers will not include the ability to export content, and with the restrictions that have already been imposed on third party viewers, it is not unlikely that those viewers will eventually be blocked from providing any features that the official viewer does not. As a precaution, we therefore encourage anyone who has created something of value on Second Life to back it up, using either XML export or the Stored Inventory program. As a service to the community, we would be willing to assist creators in doing such, even if your ultimate goal is not to sell your products here or to rent land from us.

Expand to SpotON3D Today!
There have already been many talented creators who have expanded their virtual presence from Second Life, IMVU, and other virtual worlds into SpotON3D. If you are a content creator, why not consider taking advantage of our unprecedented content protection and growing markets? You can get in touch with us to discuss your options at And come visit us by setting up your Free4Ever account at

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