Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today at 3PM: The GridWrap show on MetaverseTV

How about a full update on the movers and shakers in virtual reality? Come over at 3PM to Metaverse Island in Second Life® ( to join your hosts Tessa Harrington (Tessa Kinney-Johnson in real world, 15+ year veteran of the 3D Web) and Dousa Dragonash for another interesting episode of GridWrap.

Not able to get there today? How about enjoying last Monday's show? Tessa and Dousa had a very interesting conversation with Jim Evans and Philippe Pascal of Snowcrash Digital. Find it online at

GridWrap is brought to you by SpotOn3D® and MetaverseTV. Missed an episode? No worries, visit our online archive at to watch any of our previous episodes.

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