Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tools.Jam visits SpotOn3D – Come join us!

SpotOn3D is happy to welcome the explorers from Tools.Jam, who will be joining us today at our grid for a demonstration of the possibilities offered by the unique features SpotOn3D offers. Tessa and Denvor will be demonstrating the key features like the unique key-account system allowing people to manage several avatars through one central account with shared balance and inventory, the grid-to-grid teleporting among other groundbreaking realizations of the SpotOn3D team including the smart region server system. There’s even a demonstration of the web browser integrated web world viewer on the schedule!

The full schedule for this presentation is:

SpotON3D HUB GRID (Beta) :: 10 minutes
This is our general landing point for people to enter our network of 3DWeb Worlds, when they are not sure what grid they wish to be born into and explore. This info portal educates them on the selling systems, communities and other 3D Web Worlds available to them as well as access to the Learning Paths™ ten step orientation. The landing point here is called ETA.

VeeSome (Beta) :: 10 minutes
This is SpotON3D’s first launch of its Private Label Grid technology in the form of a hugely successful launch of the VeeSome recreational grid Friday, September 3rd, 2010.

Biz-Grid (Alpha) :: 20 minutes
Biz-Grid is designed to allow for turn-key small to large meetings, webinars, conferences and training through our SpotON3D Private Label Grid system. With its ‘NO-TOUCH INVO/EDIT’ Presentation tools, EZPrezTools™ , one can upload a PPT natively, show videos, pictures and even a snapshot of your desktop with the ease of uploading an image to FlickR.

Q&A :: 10 minutes
This is your chance to poke a hole in our vision for the 3D Web. It’s ok! Take us to task! We like the challenge and enjoy a good debate!

Please feel free to come over and join us, everyone’s welcome to do so. The touring of the SpotOn3D web worlds starts at 9:30am PDT when we will all come together at the ETA landing point. If you already have an account at SpotOn3D, just log in and teleport over. If you haven’t please make yourself a free account at https://spoton3d.com/users/register

If you’re not able to make it today, don’t worry; more demonstrations will be announced soon. Just keep an eye on our blog and twitter (http://twitter.com/spoton3d).

Also note that the VeeSome landrush action is still going on! Get your region today, 5k or 15k prims, with a special low monthly fee for as long as you own the region and no set up fee. Find out all about it at http://land.veesome.com

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