Thursday, October 21, 2010

OpenSim IBMer, Sagar Chandola, takes notice of SpotOn3D® and extends invitation

In a letter that went out to about 20 IBM virtual world key specialists, Sagar Chandola talked about the groundbreaking cloud technology SpotOn3D® has been implementing in its Web Worlds™. SpotOn3D® currently uses Amazon cloud servers, but was honored to read that Sagar would be very interested in exploring the possibilities of IBM specialists working together with "upcoming company" SpotOn3D® to develop a partnership between IBM and SpotOn3D®.
With the option to turn on your Cloud Server, you get the power of a dedicated server streaming your region. This means you can host up to 100 people on your land for promotional events, musician performances, webinars and more - making Web Worlds™ reach their maximum potential.
For more information about our Web Worlds™ and cloud technology, please contact Also note that our special landrush action is still going on! Visit to find out all about it!

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