Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gridwrap with SRH Magic & Nissa Rewell of the Pandorian Hub Grid

Join your host Tessa Harrington today at 3PM PDT for a talk with SRH Magic and Nissa Rewell of the Pandorian Hub Grid about using virtual social media as a means to teach marketing & economics for real world business. This promises to be an interesting conversation, so scoot over to Island%161/158/111/25 at 3PM PDT.

Purdue Professors in the real world, Scott and Nissa have been working to establish an AVATAR the MOVIE Community Hub based roughly upon the ideas of the Gorean Hub. They have two goals in this venture – two help promote stronger role playing communities and to use their hub as a training ground for their marketing and economics students.

Some of their goals are as follows:
  • To unite and promote traffic to the many exciting Avatar themed sims that are dedicated to structured role play.
  • Create a Pandorian role playing training program to help decrease the rate of attrition and provide educated role players for the role playing sim owners, thereby increasing their numbers of devoted role players.
  • Illustrate the laws of Marketing and Economics through their Pandorian Hub and V-Retailing center.
  • Help give creators of Pandorian playwear an additional merchandising point.
  • To promote ‘serious play’ as a tool for serious learning and training and help institute new online training standards and protocols for education online.

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