Friday, October 8, 2010

13 Very Good Reasons to Consider SpotON3D for Your Next Destination

·         The Universal Registration – Sign up Once – Get access to all Public Grids.
·         The Universal Avatar – Your avatar appearance never changes as you travel the SpotON3D network of grids
·         The Universal Inventory – All your inventory assets follow you through the publically networked grids using SpotON3D;s Private Label Grid System
·         FREE4EVER Accounts – New Visitors can Chat, Travel the General Population areas, Shop, Customize their avatars, Attend events and Meetings, and even interact with scripted gadgets, games and tools.
·          PayPal Verified Premium Memberships with Key Account Security & up to 5 Avatars – For just $2.99 a month users get the following:
o         Up to 5 Fully Functional avatars
o         To ‘loan’ one of their avatar accounts with trusted friends, family & clients
o         Key Account Security means that avatar passwords cant’ be changed without access to the Key Account password too.
o         The ability to give individual avatars under the Key Account different permissions.
·         Anti-Grieving/Drama Mechanisms :: Technical, Social & Legal
o         Using Verified PayPal accounts as a means to verify memberships makes for a greatly reduce incidence of grieving and adds up to a far more stable grid experience.
o         Client Routing Technology ensures that potentially malicious clients aren’t able to enter into the main grid areas and be used to disrupt service on the grids.
o         Community Driven Dispute Resolution Panel empowers communities to resolve their disputes in a factual and mature manner.
o         Legal Real World Arbitration through puts players on an equal playing field for one low affordable price of just $150 usd.
·         Built-in Web Window into Client: No laggy selling system in SpotON3D. One of the primary reasons so many island can be hosted on so few machines is because the overhead for sale it taken completely offworld, and streamed through a web based system.
· & Double Dutch Delivery ™ – A Membership Sensitive 3D Selling Portal, offering users the ability to sell to multiple grids as securely as possible, expanding to even MMO’s and other incompatible platforms.
·         Integrated Amazon Cloud Server Technology @ $4.99/19.99/hr – Amazon Cloud Server is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ simple storage service that is charge by the hour for any amount of data at any time, from anywhere on the web. SpotON3D uses this  cost effective high powered server instances to host high traffic events of up to 100 , such as Webinars, Musical endeavors, and simulcast Conferences for a fraction of the cost of renting these same server specs.
·         Segregated General , Mature and Adult Populations – Keeping it reasonable safe and inoffensive for most reasonable users in the spirit of Responsible Tolerance.
·         Private Label Grids – Giving individuals, businesses and education the tools and framework to create their own branded grids on dedicated servers. Bundled with a turn key package of avatars, a customer web design with its on Universal Registration Porta, bundled meeting or recreational builds for a turn key experience and much more.
·         Land Rentals - $14.99 - $299.per month – With price points for all budgets, spoton3d hopes to inspire a new generation of users.

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