Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tech Highlight: Key Account

Every now and then, we use this blog to give a little more information about some of the tech features of SponOn3D®, and today we'd like to cover our Key Account system for SpotON3D.

The most important thing to remember is that logging into your Key Account is a separate action and not the same as logging into your avatar. Key Account is one level above your avatars, and could actually be considered an "avatar administrator" that you tap into through the SpotON3D main homepage, or through your HOME GRID web site, such as Veesome.com or edu-Merge.com. This gives you access to all 5 of the avatars for a regular account, adding money to your main Key Account wallet, distributing funds from there to any of your 5 avatars, and setting access permissions for each individual avatar. This means you can ‘loan out’ or share one or more of your avatars with others, like family, students, and clients. Just make sure you can trust them to do so.

Why is this so important? The Key Account also allows you to define which types of content each avatar can access. For example; if you're a parent, you can use this system to make avatars for your kids. It's important to note that it's against the SpotON3D TOS for a minor child to create their own Key Account to access our Web Worlds. Only a legal guardian and/or parent you can make avatars for minors through their own Key Accounts. This is so, as the adult, you can feel good about having your kids on our General Population Web World’s without dummying down your experiences as an adult.

Business and Educational institutions are able to have the level of control over their employees and student accounts through their HR and/or IT departments, as is typically needed. This enables them to bypass the usual registration process, ensuring they have a smooth and effortless entry into these Web World environments. It also makes it possible for these user accounts to be tied into their other administrative systems needed to maintain accounts control and reporting as needed. The added benefit of this is that t businesses and educational administrators will never have to worry about their employees or students stumbling into mature rated game play activities or social arenas unknowingly. By keeping accounts configured to General Population, the users of these accounts can’t access mature areas, nor see mature content for purchase on the SpotONSynergy site and not buy any mature content.

And lastly, the other great advantage of this system is the cost factor. Instead of paying a premium membership fee per avatar, you’re paying just $2.99/month per Key Account to allow allowing them to explore the full potential of our Web Worlds™ - yes, that's plural. Each avatar created at SpotOn3D® is able (depending on the access settings for that particular avatar) to access all of our publicly accessible Web Worlds™ in our network - just type in the name of that Web World, or a region inside it. Additionally, our 3D Web Browser has the capacity to teleport from the SpotON3D Web World system to other outside compatible Web Worlds through our 3D Map Teleportal System.

Still have questions? Don't hesitate to drop us an email at support@spoton3d.com; our team is happy to answer all of your requests promptly and effectively.

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