Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Educators - Why choose SpotON3D®?

It's a commonly asked question - why would you, as an educator, choose for SpotON3D®? In this blog post we'll line up the most important characteristics of our Web Worlds™ for you.
EZ Presentation Tools
SpotOn3D® is ready-to-go, out-of-the-box - no need to start looking for special presentation tools - with our standard presentation toolkit, you're teaching your class in a matter of minutes with native support for all your favorite document creation tools, such as PDF’s, PPT’s, MP3 vides, png, jpg and gif images, and even the ability to take a snapshot of our desktop and post all to one presenter as easily as you would post a picture of to FlickR; browse your hard drive, find the file, upload then click display and your sharing with a whole room of up to 100 people.
EZ Inventory
Thanks to our multi-grid inventory, you can access your assets from any of our Web Worlds™, whether you're in SpotON3D®, VeeSome™, Edu-Merge™, or the Biz-Grid™ – you’ll always have access to your inventory. And with Double Dutch Delivery™ this your purchasing power can extend your inventory even to compatible and approved virtual worlds outside the SpotON3D Web World Network. Never buy something twice!
Universal Registration and Avatars
Use your avatars on any of our Web Worlds™. Make a field trip with your students, move between Web Worlds™, all with one avatar - no need to register another avatar for each grid!
Micro- Communities = Cohesive Complementary Communities
They say fences make great neighbors, but until now that simply wasn’t possible in the 3D web and virtual worlds. It was either all or nothing – a big melting pot of everything or exclusively to on genera with no room for other groups to be expressed.
Lord Chaos’ 60ft fire breathing dragon avatar might make for a great avatar, but would definitely prove a tad distracting walking down the main street of the Biz-Grid or edu-Merge. As might a stuffy professor prove to be a fish out of water in a medieval role play Web World.
SpotON3D’s Web Worlds are designed to eliminate these conflicts in genera simply by creating defined community micro-web worlds that by default create tight knit social bonds between its residents. And by giving each community their own branded web site, registration and avatar selections, they can then express and implement their own community standards. This is what SpotON3D calls Responsible Tolerance. This allows everyone to easily interact together, exchange experiences and best-practices from one Web World experience to another without trampling on the other’s right to self-expression. The rule of the day is, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.
Community Conference Center
No need to rip apart you class rooms and set-ups when you need to have a large conference - our community conference center is there for you to use 24/7. Simply go to your community conference center and fire up the Cloud Powered Conference Suite to host up to 100 students.
Free4Ever accounts
SpotOn3D® also offers Free4Ever accounts - no need to have a premium account! Your 18 and over students are able setup their own Key Account to come in-world, attend your classes, participate with programmed objects, build with primitive building blocks you supply, go to social events like drag racing as our free racing part, and even to shop on our market place on the SpotONSynergy website to customize their avatars - all without upgrading or paying for a premium membership. When they sign-up for classes with a specific school then they could request their preferred avatar account to be temporarily moved onto the educational institution’s Key Account to gain access to their facilities and classes, or be assigned a new avatar through the school’s administrative department.
5 Avatars per premium account with full production levels
Premium accounts have up to 5 avatars, each with their own inventory and wallet with full production levels. No need to pay for another premium account for your alt! Enjoy all of the features our Web Worlds™ have to offer, starting at only $2.99USD/Month!
Protected Intellectual Property
SpotOn3D® takes great pride in their IP and Web world Security Systems. SpotON3D reserves the right to restrict access to the main areas of their Web World system through unknown third party viewers. This is to ensure the highest level of ease and functionality is experienced by the user through the 3D Web Browser. It's also designed to thwart any potentially malicious clients from gaining access and causing technical and social instability on our Web Worlds.
SpotON3D also sends a very clear message about the do’s and don’ts of content use through their community driven Dispute Resolution Panel made up of randomly selected volunteers from the community to hear their peer’s complaints. If that doesn’t do the trick, then through an exclusive agreement with VirtualCourtHouse.com the users can go through and real world arbitration with a real world judge whose decisions are legal and binding in over 150 countries starting at just $150 USD. No longer is justice meted out by the fatness of one’s wallet, but rather by the state of their arguments.
This allows the issues of content and contract disputes to be put to a rest, so that everyone can concentrate on doing what they set out to do on the 3D web without the distractions and drama seen previous in virtual worlds.
Still have questions? Want to know more? Don't hesitate and contact our team at support@spoton3d.com - We're most happy to answer any of your inquiries.
Do not that SpotOn3D®'s land rush action is still going strong! Visit http://land.veesome.com/ to find out all about our special low prices!

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