Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snowybrook Winter Resort: SpotON3D’s First Pod Pad Community

We at SpotON3D/World Works are proud to announce that we are preparing to launch our very first Pod Pad community, Snowybrook Winter Resort. This is the first of several communities being developed to give new residents a place where they can settle in immediately and have a starter home here, without the need to make a large investment. We want to reach out especially to those in other digital worlds, to show them that they now have an alternative to what is being offered elsewhere.

Each parcel within Snowybrook covers a 20x36 meter area with 182 available prims, and comes with a beautiful snow-covered cabin that includes basic furnishings. The community has three residential regions, each with a selection of homes and a skate park. There is also a fourth region devoted solely to recreation, with fun activities like skiing, snowboarding, and snowball fighting. To make it much easier for everyone to move around within the community, all four regions have been combined into a megaregion, which means that there will be no perceptible sim boundary crossings.

A copy of Snowybrook Winter Resort will be provided in each of our content rated areas -- Good4Everyone, Good4Grownups, and Good4Adults. This will give everyone an opportunity to have a home in the community, while remaining a part of their chosen Web World.

Release Date
The start-up for Snowybrook Winter Resort has been scheduled for the weekend of January 14-15. Due to the amount of work remaining, it is possible that this date may be need to be adjusted. If that becomes necessary, we will send out a follow-up announcement to let everyone know the new schedule.

Terms of Use
Individuals will be able to use their Pod Pad cabin free for a total of 7 days. At the end of that time, they will be able to purchase a monthly subscription for $5.99, which will let them continue to use the cabin and will also include a premium membership. Note that this is an EARLY BIRD price, which after 60 days from the launch will be increased to $9.99/month, but those renting now will have the $5.99/month price grandfathered for as long as they keep their rental active. They will continue to have an allowance of 182 prims available to use on their parcel, but they cannot edit the builds that are already in place.

If a resident decides that they want more space and/or prims to use, they can purchase one of our 40x40 parcels with 732 available prims for $14.99 USD/month, and can even purchase an editable copy of the Pod Pad cabin from our Marketplace to place on their parcel. Or, as always, they can choose to upgrade to a larger parcel or even to a region.

Opportunities For Content Creators!
Each one of these Pod Pad regions will have a marketplace area where content creators can showcase and sell their content. We want as many to participate in this as possible, to give residents immediate access to new furniture, clothing, shoes, etc. This will also provide content creators with valuable exposure and name recognition.

Community $$$ Rewards!
Finally...a place that you can brag about to your friends and family! So shout out about it and help your community grow! We feel that it’s important to reward those who take the time to pass on the word that Snowybrook is a great place to live. Because of this, we are offering you one month of free rental within Snowybrook Winter Resort if you will do the following:

  • Purchase a one month’s Pod Pad rental at the normal rate of $5.99 USD/month;

  • Provide positive comments about Snowybrook Resort to at least three (3) of the following forums at least once a week, for a three week period:

    • Your personal Facebook account;

    • Your personal Google Plus account;

    • Your personal Twitter account;

    • The SO3D Like Bytes page on Facebook, which you must also LIKE (;

    • This blog article.

Comments posted must be about Snowybrook Winter Resort, and must be of a positive nature. If you will do this on any 3 of these forums once a week for 3 weeks, you will be reimbursed for your first month’s rental at the end of the month. This offer only applies to your first month’s rent. And please note that the personal Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter accounts must be your individual accounts, not ones belonging to someone else.

To receive your free month’s rental, you must email us the links to all of your postings so that we can verify them, as well as the name of your avatar so that we can credit it properly. You can send this to us each time you post, or save them up and send them all at once. Please email the information about your postings to, with the subject line "Postings for the Snowybrook Campaign".

We would like to send out a special thanks to Michael Somerset of Ball Mart Animations for providing the animations for the winter activities, and to Kitteh Noir for her tireless efforts at building a community that everyone can enjoy. And thanks to everyone else who has done their part to help this project come together so well.

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