Monday, January 30, 2012

RESIDENT PROFILES: 10 & Marc Goosson

A big part of what makes SpotON3D such a great place to be is the great people who make it up. And I am absolutely thrilled that we have two really wonderful people who have become key members of the SpotON3D family... a lovely and very talented Dutch couple, 10 Goosson and Marcthur Goosson.

10 and Marc are the owners of M&M Creations, where you will find some of the most amazing sculpted products you have ever seen. They are a team in every sense of the word, and their abilities complement each other well. Marc is adept at the use of graphics programs to create original 3D Models (meshes and sculpties) that are suitable for uploading into the online world. 10 is focused on a variety of activities in world, including texturing, mall design, landscaping and creating new items and builds with Marc's 3D models and her graphic skills. She also conducts building classes so that she can share her knowledge about Web World building, and handles issues related to Public Relations. And 10 and Marc always take great pride in providing the very best in customer support.

10 and Marc began their online careers in Second Life in January 2007, after hearing about it through a Dutch business magazine. They learned how to adapt their skills to creating products in that environment, and opened a successful business that has supported them well in real life. They are still in Second Life because of this fact, but they also feel that it has grown too big and impersonal, motivating them to branch out and discover what other digital worlds have to offer. In 2010 they began setting up accounts in other Web Worlds, beginning with InWorldz and Avination, but quickly discovered how difficult the transition could be. “We discovered it isn't peanuts to copy/move an entire mall to another grid,“ 10 tells me. They still have businesses there, but the most disappointing aspects have been the lack of support, vision, and community spirit in these worlds.

They had already set up accounts on SpotON3D around the same time as the others, but did not follow up with it immediately, since trying to move had already proven to be a huge undertaking. Then in 2011, at the urgings of our COO Tessa Harrington, they began to set up shop here, and were very pleased with what they found. “SpotON3D was willing to help us, service was great, costs for land were reasonable, low even compared to other virtual worlds and the whole concept of SO was stunning and touching real life. That gave us the trust not only to move our mall, but to start working on things the Web Worlds of SpotON3D really need, and feel part of a serious platform which is worth putting time, investments and energy into.” They were also happy to see that SpotON3D maintains a steady and reasonably realistic currency. “The SO Bucks [our unit of currency] are easy,” 10 says with a smile.

Here at SpotON3D, 10 and Marc have been creating things such as landscaping items, homes, and full sim builds for HotSwap Scenes. They want to focus on products that are needed here, not just flood the market with more of the same thing, so they constantly try to sense what the community is looking for. 10 wants to be able to help out other creators by offering classes at our Creators Cafe, once it is launched. She wants to continue taking part in community events and supporting important organizations such as Fearless Nation. And they both look forward to the day when their business in SpotON3D grows to the point that they can afford to leave Second Life, and can devote all of their time to this world.

10 describes herself and Marc as “a hard working couple that believes in the identity and the foundation of this Webworlds Platform.” She has not been able to find this level of “having fun in my work” like she has in SpotON3D. This has helped them to better focus on their creations. “The support & feedback of the Staff is amazing,” 10 tells me, “and we are relieved we can act as adults amongst other adults. This is a Virtual World linked to the real world, it really is appealing.”

10 and Marc graciously allowed their region to be used as part of Raven Hunt, our very first world-wide hunt game held in SpotON3D. And as previously mentioned, 10 has been actively creating beautiful full sim builds that can be sold as HotSwap Scenes on our marketplace. Come check out her Winter HotSwap Scene at Spirit Venture, while it is still on display (it’s scheduled to be up through the end of January).

Visit 10 and Marc's region, DoubleMCreations, today at DoubleMCreations/129/129/36.

Thank you 10 and Marc, we are so glad that you are a part of our community and appreciate you believing in SpotON3D!


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