Monday, January 2, 2012

New Resident Profile: Ziva Taos

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome Ziva Taos, one of our newest additions to the SpotON3D/World Works family!

Ziva has been in Second Life since March 2007. She and her husband had seen a story about it on a local news channel, and since raising a family did not permit them much of a social life, it gave them the chance to get out and meet others from the comfort of their home. In Second Life, Ziva has been managing clubs on her own sim, building houses and furniture, and has started dabbling in animations.

Ziva learned about SpotON3D from Fearless Nation, an organization dedicated to helping those suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Ziva suffers from this and has been involved with the organization in Second Life. When Fearless Nation's founder Colleen Crary (aka Anya Ibor) recently set up a presence here in SpotON3D, all current members were invited to come and check us out. Ziva believes that our platform offers a much more affordable solution for her, with less of the drama that is found in Second Life.

Ziva has been sending out invitations to her friends on Second Life to come over, along with creators of items that she uses in her club, such as the Intan Couple Dance Ball. She loves meeting people and says that she is willing to help almost anyone.

Ziva's "other avatar" is Ramala Ronas, owner of the Sidedoor Club (the club that she is currently building on the Isle of Inverness, her region here in SpotON3D). She keeps two different avatars in order to help separate the building and social aspects of her responsibilities.

"I want to bring the best of SL to SpotON3D," Ziva/Ramala tells me, "and help create a better virtual world than in Second Life." Please join me in giving her a big, warm welcome to the family!

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  1. Welcome Ziva!! Great post and wonderfull to be noticed this way about your move to SpotON!