Friday, January 6, 2012

I Believe In the 3D Web... and So Should You!

The Power of the 3D Web
We at SpotON3D have been helping to develop the 3D Web for over three years now, and we think that it is a pretty revolutionary concept. But what exactly IS the 3D Web?

The 3D Web has the potential to bring us all together. It lets participants interact in a way that closely resembles real life, giving them the feeling of really "being there". In the digital environment, or Web Spaces, people create experiences that bring a real connection to their audience, whether they are artists, businesses, educators, or non-profits. People grow closer through working and learning together, while having fun in the process.

SpotON3D's "I Believe In the 3D Web" Video
We want to get YOU as excited about the possibilities of the 3D Web as we are! We have put together a short video that we submitted to RocketHub, a site that gives organizations exposure and helps them promote a grass roots movement. To see the video, please go to and click on the Play button. Then, please leave a comment by clicking the "Recent Conversations" tab, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking the link "Sign in to post a comment". (If you do not have a free account with RocketHub, you can create one there as well.)

Because of the importance of getting this message out to the community, we feel that it is important to reward those who take the time to spread the message. Over the next week (through January 15, 2012), we will credit your avatar's account with SO Bucks (our in-world currency) for postings that you do on different social media forums. Each posting must convey the message "I Believe in the 3D Web," either by saying that directly or by relating what it personally means to you. We encourage you to go through the video several times to keep yourself focused on what the message is.

Starting today (January 6) and running through January 15, we'll credit your account with 10 SO Bucks per day for a single posting that you do on EACH of the following social media forums, OR a total of 100 SO Bucks for ALL SIX in a single day:

For your individual accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Google+), you must include the above graphic along with your posting. Just right-click on the image and choose the option to save it to your hard drive. For your convenience, you can use one of the icons at the bottom of this posting to get to your individual account.

Once per day, you will receive 10 SO Bucks for a single posting on each of the forums (we don't give extra for additional postings to the same forum in a single day, although you're more than welcome to do that!). AS AN ADDED INCENTIVE, if you post to all SIX social media forums in a single day, we will give your account a total of 100 SO Bucks for that day.

To make it clear: The Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter accounts that you post to must each be your own individual account. We will not give extra for postings to multiple accounts that you own, or to other people's accounts.

To receive your rewards, you must email us the links to all of your postings so that we can verify them, as well as the name of your avatar so that we can credit it properly. You can send this to us each day, or save them up and send them all at once. Please email the information about your postings to, with the subject line "Postings for the 3D Web Campaign".

Just by doing your part to get the word out about the 3D Web, you can make up to 1000 SO bucks that you can spend however you want, including cashing it out and applying it towards a rental.

Take advantage of this offer... learn more about the 3D Web, and let everyone know that you believe in it! And while you're at it, if you haven't visited SpotON3D yet, sign up for your FREE4EVER account at Or sign up directly from your Facebook account at!

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