Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Upcoming gigs and special build

Lots of good stuff coming up over the next few days in the SpotON3D® Web Worlds! Kicking off tomorrow at 5PM PST, SpotON3D's MusicaJam will be featuring the one and only Christopher135 Quan, for who's gig some of our best builders created the beautiful region shown in the images in this blog post. Join us at the SpotON3D Dev region, which can be found at

Don't hesitate to already teleport over and explore this magnificent region! Also mark your calendars for Friday at 4PM PST as the wonderful Craig Lyons will be rocking your virtual socks off! With three self-recorded solo albums released during a period of artistic solitude on the shores of Lake Erie, Craig Lyons has exploded into LA's music scene with the release of his latest release, 'On Reflection'. A quiet small-town guy bringing heart back to a cynical music landscape, Craig brings intimate acoustic sublimity to his live electric rock show. His band performs regularly at LA's most distinguished venues including The Viper Room, Key Club, and the House of Blues.

Not in SpotON3D yet? Rush over to and create your Free4Ever account, download the software and join one of the fastest growing, most lively open sim grids out there.

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