Sunday, March 13, 2011

MusicaJam presents Saintess Larnia

Next up for MusicaJam, today at 2pm, is Saintess Larnia, a British musician known across the Metaverse for her strong, captivating voice. Her performing style is very interactive, ensuring a good time for her audience. Join the fun at the MusicaJam Stage near the Main Hub. Make sure to check out Saintess' Myspace for samples of her songs and performance listings.

MusicaJam, a live event, features talented musicians guaranteed to give a quality performance. Shows take place at various stages around the SpotON3D and VeeSome grids. Make sure you have your Free4Ever account, from, to join in on the fun.

At last Thursdays concert, the audience was enchanted by the beautiful singing of Zerbie Magic, a highly acclaimed live musician well known to audiences in Second life.

She was kind enough to step in, as the intended performer, ChrisTOPHER135 Quan, experienced technical difficulties, showing us once again how the artistic community is willing to help each other and think of the best for the audience.

It took place at the SpotON3D Dev region, where Phoenix DaVinci built a beautiful fantasy garden and stage, and Cristina Easterwoods donated the medieval boat at the entry way. Thanks to all it was a great success. Video of live events can be found on on Metaverse TV.

Alana Pyara, VeeSome

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