Friday, March 4, 2011

Love's about to be in the air!

Oh yes! Love's in the air in the Web Worlds of SpotON3D! We are very happy to announce that in just a few days you'll be able to partner in our Web Worlds! So gentlemen, start preparing your speeches and practice a smooth move to go down on your knee. And yes ladies - you can start sending out those subtle hints...

And while SpotON3D COO Tessa was telling this blogger about this, she also mentioned the brand new 16 (!!) sim racing track that the fastest tech guys laid out for all racing and boating lovers. Search for "Race way" in SpotON3D, and you'll find a beautiful track surrounding a lake. Our team has put out some cars and boats for you to try out, and we also released an open-source version for you to enjoy and redo to make it your fully customized race car. Find it on the SpotON3D integrated eCommerce site SpotONSynergy at

If you're into racing, buildings cars or any other type of vehicle, now is the moment to get in! Who knows; will you be the Bernie Ecclestone or Adrian Newey of virtual racing?

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