Thursday, March 17, 2011

SpotON3D Office Hours - Today 3pm

Remember your chance to ask questions from the SpotON3d team today at 3pm pacific time with Tessa Harrington hosting! The Office Hours will be filmed live for Metaverse TV. Come join us on location at the new Metaverse Island and take part in the conversation, or listen live online.

If you missed the latest GridWrap, remember to watch it online! Dousa Dragonash was interviewing an interesting metaverse personality, Joja Dhara, who spoke of her experiences in the virtual worlds, and of the Metameets 2011 conference.

Now the previous episodes of the Office Hours can be watched online as well. In the first episode we saw Tessa Harrington talking to Xay Thompson of Irukandji Creations.

NEW! 9.2 Client Viewer Release

Update to the latest version of the SpotON3D viewer today. Please note, previous versions will not be able to log in after Saturday, March 26th.

FREEBIE of the Day

Get your Green for St. Patrick's Day. Free green t-shirts and plaid skirts today in the SpotON3D Freebie Store and VeeSome Freebie Store or on our SpotONSynergy Marketplace. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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