Monday, March 14, 2011

GridWrap meets Joja Dhara - Today 3pm

On todays Gridwrap we will see SpotON3D's own Tessa Harrington and her Metaverse TV co-host Dousa Dragonash interviewing Joja Dhara, the Community Manager for Virtual Holland, and Co-organizer of the Metameets Conference.

Metameet Conference brings together people interested in virtual worlds, offering them presentations, discussions, and networking activities in subjects related to business, entertainment, education and community. They also hold workshops covering 3D creation, online music performances and machinima.

Virtual Holland is a group of regions showing proverbial scenes of the Netherlands in virtual form. In these regions, Dutch speaking newcomers will find help and important information about Second Life and life in the Metaverse.

Join us in the studio at the new Metaverse TV location on Metaverse Island in Second Life, or tune in on the Metaverse TV stream. Don't miss it!

Saintess Larnia Rocks MusicaJam

Yesterday's MusicaJam was a rockin' performance by the talented Saintess Larnia. Check the calendar online at the SpotON3D Hub for upcoming events.

Japan Crisis Info & Donations:

There is a board at the SpotON3D Hub welcome area dedicated to following the news on the current earthquake and tsunami crisis in Japan. We have added clickable links to the crisis update sites of major news organizations. You can find out how to donate or help locally through the Red Cross.

Alana Pyara

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