Thursday, March 3, 2011

SpotON3D Is Hiring - CakePHP-Developer And C#/C++-Specialist - More Positions To Come Soon.

What's SpotON3D and what's going on?
SpotON3D® is the company behind several 3D Web Worlds, enabling people from all over the world to interact and collaborate in real time. SpotON3D has been continuously growing and expanding and since January 24th it's more in terms of 'booming'! Over 50 new users/day, daily traffic figures ranging from 100 to 160, over 125 newly rented regions and a flourishing integrated eCommerce solution with well over a 1000 listings.

As a result, SpotON3D has been on a hiring spree, bringing on Kalli Birman to do bookings and promotions for MusicaJam(tm). Pamela Clift is the Voice of SpotON3D's Cathy SpotON, Unplugged Escape has come on as our resident Machinema Artist, Phoenix DaVinici has been building up a storm as SpotON3D's Resident Builder'Artist, and the ever eloquent Philippe Pascal is heading up the SpotON3D Developers Program for all those solution providers out there. On top of this a host of great folks who have jumped in to volunteer as Moderators and just general all around helpers.

We are very pleased to have been able to welcome so many top notch content creators and application developers, including but not limited to Cyndi Kantana of Kantana Kreations, Lindy Low of Grid Gear, Luna Bliss of Bliss Garden, Lilith Heart of Heart Gardens, Gitana Faranelli of Gitana's Boutique, Lisa Marie of Realitic Creations, Phoenix DaVinci of Divine Designs, Xay Thompson of Irukandji Creations, Gown Maker Ana Herberg, Argo Attlos of CoA.Skins, Dakota Callahan of DCD Textures, Muse Builder of VODA Designs, Textures by Scorpion Landon, Gadgets by Francisco KoolHoven, Hermes(tm) Technology by Snowcrash Digital(tm), M&P Animations by Louis Plantini, Erin Burks of Liquid Heat, Jennifer Brenner of Luna Animations, Musicial Instruments by Sunny Salamander, Weapons and gadget by Ixmal Supermarine,...

More and more application developers and content creators are establishing their SpotON3D presence, as we're one of the few Web Worlds where there's a lot more residents than creators. This means there are still pockets of content that are in high demand, so creators – Here’s your chance! If you have a male clothing collection, there is a growing market for this in SpotON3D, as well as shoe, hair and women’s clothing designers. Email the boss at if you are interested in expanding to one of the most secure and lagless web worlds out there.

NOT A CONTENT CREATOR? Great! We need programmers too!

Here’s what we are looking for.

SpotON3D is actively seeking one or two experienced, dependable and fast programmers with a proven history of work in any or all of the following languages: PHP/CAKE PHP, HTML, JAVA, MySQL, C++, C# and Linux Servers

You’ll be in a part of an elite team of OpenSim experts, helping in the development of web side services, debugging open source clients and platform based code, and creating code for new and emerging projects and services.

What's required for this job? Next to experience in the programming languages mentioned above, you will need fluent communicative skills in English, access to and use of a broadband internet connection and associated computer and software to perform the work & commitment to quality and a thorough approach to the work.

What do we offer? Although SpotON3D is a young company, we do strongly believe we can offer you a great position with many self-development possibilities and probably the best work/life balance available. As the products developed by SpotON3D are green and profitable alternatives to real world "offices", allowing people to log in to their virtual office from home without the need to do any travelling. All of the SpotON3D team members therefore "work from home", using our in-house developed technologies, providing a strong demonstration and case study of what our technology is capable off. Join a team of developers who get to enjoy a nice work/life balance, and come work on the bleeding edge of technology!

Interested? Please send your motivational letter and resume to SpotON3D COO Tessa Kinney-Johnson at before March 15th 2011.

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