Monday, March 28, 2011

GRIDwrap Live - Mondays 3:00pm

Todays topic is Training in 3D. Co-hosts Dousa Dragonash and Tessa Harrington interview Kevin Harvey (avatar Querty Hanson), a Consultant in training and communications working in Virtual Worlds bringing training to Blue Chip Companies.

Join us in the live audience on Metaverse Island, ask questions, join in the audience chat or let Metaverse TV stream GRIDWrap to you on the net at where ever you are in-world.

SpotON3D Office Hours - Thursday 3:00pm
Get your questions answered by the SpotON3d team today at 3pm pacific time with Tessa Harrington hosting! Office Hours is filmed live for Metaverse TV. Come join us on location at the new Metaverse Island and take part in the conversation or listen live online.

Coming Up...
Don't forget to check the calendar online or at the SpotON3D Hub for more broadcasts and live events events.

Freebie of the Day
Stop by the SpotON3D Freebie Store or VeeSome Freebie Store to pick up today's freebie rustic table or find it and more free stuff at our online Synergy marketplace.

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