Monday, March 21, 2011

GRIDwrap Live - Mondays 3pm

Today, Dousa Dragonash talks to an interesting guest on GridWrap, David Post of and as always Dousa brings the best and the brightest of the metaverse to share their experiences and wisdom with us.

David tells us about Next Island's ambition to take on what roleplaying in virtual worlds can be. Next Island is a gaming, roleplaying and social environment, both for the serious gamer and casual user. The breathtaking views and detailed infrastructures make Next Island's time travel destinations a must see experience.There is a fascinating and intricate backstory which we will encourage David to tell us. What will the future of Next Island be and how has David come to be part of it? Tune in today at 3pm pacific time to find out!

Join us in the live audience on Metaverse Island, ask questions, join in the profilerate audience chat or let Metaverse TV stream GRIDWrap to you on the net at whereever you are in-world.

Alana Pyara

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