Friday, March 11, 2011

Prayers for Japan and Others ....

Over the last ten years our world has had to face its own mortality in a series of events that are unthinkable in their aftermath to our relatives, family, extended family and friends …. Businesses, schools and our very social fiber has been strained to its limits by these events – floods, earthquakes, blizzards and hurricanes seems to be giving us reason to stop and think …. Why.

Today one more ‘why’ will be added, as we watch the devastation and loss of life that is undoubtedly occurring around the world. SpotON3D wishes all the best to our friends in the path of the Tsunami that hit Japan and the Pacific Ocean area. Our prayers go out to all our extended families around the world as we can only hope for the best. May we all come together today and unite in our support of those lost and those surviving this tragedy. Below are links to information and trustworthy donation sites. Give … you time, your thoughts, your prayers, and yes, if you can afford it, whatever money you can to help. SpotON3D will announce charity and fund raising events directing your donations to national relief organization in support the people suffering from this apocalyptic disaster. Until then, we do encourage all of our users and friends to donate to one of the charities online;

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