Thursday, January 20, 2011

New merchant feature on - Split Profit Enabled

We're excited to announce that our resident coders have just enabled splits on the SpotON3D® marketplace SpotONSynergy™. With this new feature, you can split profits automatically between you and your fellow creators.

You can now divide the proceeds of each sale with up to 5 avatars, giving each a percentage of 10% or more. In order to do so, visit the SpotONSynergy™ website, log in and go to "my profile." This page will give you an overview of how you are splitting sales with other avatars, and it also gives you an overview of the percentage others are giving you of their sales.

To start splitting proceeds with a certain avatar, start typing in their name in one of the boxes. Our system will do a live search for that avatar while you're typing. (see second screenshot). Just click the name as it shows up, fill in the percentage and hit "Update Profile".

In order to be able to split profits with a certain avatar, this avatar needs to have logged in at least one time on SpotONSynergy™. So, if you want to split proceeds with someone, but you can't find their name in the list, don’t panic. *-) Just ask them to log in once to SpotONSynergy™ and you're good to go.

Stay tuned for more news about the SpotONSynergy Marketplace, because our tech team is working on a revolutionary way of adding product to the marketplace ... shhhh.

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