Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year from SpotOn3D

Welcome to the very first blog post of 2011 on the SpotOn3D® blog. First of all - a very happy new year and the very best wishes from all of us at SpotOn3D® to you and your beloved ones. We were all very happy to see 2011 arrive as it promises to be a very exciting year for the SpotOn3D® Web Worlds™ with many new features coming soon.

Getting curious? Well, let's have a look underneath the top of the iceberg. 2011 will not just bring several new features, but SpotOn3D® will also be launching three new Web Worlds™; Edu-Merge, Biz-Grid and MusicaJam. As the names probably already gave away: MusicaJam will be a world fully focused on live music, the Biz-Grid will be all about sustainability for small and large businesses through virtual meeting and conferencing, and Edu-Merge is already gathering real world universities and educators to explore the distance learning options a more secure virtual grid can bring them - all with features especially developed for these applications.

One of the exciting features of MusicaJam will be the ability for musicians from all over the world not just to perform in our Web Worlds™, but even to have intercontinental jam sessions with others without being out of synch. SpotON3D has been working behind the scenes towards the launch of this new Web World™ for a long time, and thanks to some strategic partnerships with various virtual environment developers, MusicaJam promises to be a turnkey virtual world for musicians and live music enthusiasts.

Our tailor-made Biz-Grid Web World™ for business users is to be launched soon as well, featuring Go Green Virtual Offices and a whole range of out-of-the-box ready-to-go applications for business users, allowing them to immediately use the full potential of Web Worlds™. No set-up required, "log-in and do your thing" is the key idea behind our business applications.

Recreational, non-profit, business and educational users of our Web Worlds™ all will be very happy to hear about SpotOn3D's cloud services. We're working hard on pushing our cloud technology, allowing more (up to 125) users simultaneously on one simulator, making Web Worlds™ a worthy alternative for real world meet-ups and conferences.

Last, but certainly not least; in the first quarter of 2011, SpotOn3D® will also launch the recently announced HotSwap Scenes™. As previously noted on our Tech Highlights blogs, HotSwap Scenes will allow island renters to seamlessly change from say their private hide-away to a conference center setup with just a click of their mouse, making Web Worlds™ a truly versatile and multi-purpose tool for all.

And we can’t forget to mention the SpotOn3D sponsored TV-Show, GridWrap™, which will also continue to bring you the latest ins and outs about the WHOLE METAVERSE, sharing interesting conversations with key figures active in virtual reality.

Lots of stuff to be looking forwards to! Stay tuned for future updates on all of the exciting new features and Web Worlds™ mentioned above!

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