Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Around the world with SpotON3D® - Part 1

Happy Tuesday all! Today we're bringing you the first of a series of posts highlighting some of the amazing builds and other wonderful community projects that are going on in the Web Worlds™ brought to you by SpotON3D®.

SpotON3D isn’t just about fun and games. Its platform can be used for serious business, both as a stand-alone offering for select clients and consumers of their products and services, and as part of the overall Web World network. A good example of this is a rather large real estate project that has found its way to SpotON3D. Since a real estate focused solution provider hasn’t really stepped up to the plate, UnReal Designs™, along with two residents of SpotON3D, Caliburn Susanto of Draconis Digital Goods & Services and Phoenix DaVinci of Auspicious Primz, have taken on the task of creating a demo for this project at the request of a major architectural firm overseas. The goal is to use UnReal Designs and PowerSynch’s replication and programming skills to develop a ‘cradle to grave’ toolset for visitors, tenants, leasing agents and even the property management engineers.

The illustrative demo build is designed to show how effective and flexible UnReal Design’s 3DLIVE Blueprint Kiosk System can be for large commercial properties which promises to revolutionize the way real estate is managed.

Next to the business side-of-things, we're also happily welcoming several role play communities. SpotoOn3D has several residents busily working on their own micro-grids - Some examples are InterSpace3D.com and as yet unnamed G (good for everyone) rated grid with Francisco Koolhoven & Rettiset Gopheller who also play in SL® and other opensim grids. Like we always say - its not about leaving! It's about expanding your experience.

Want to see your SpotON3D story featured here? Get in touch! Let us know at phil@spoton3d.com.

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