Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Around the world with SpotON3D® - Part 2

Today we're bringing you the second in a series of blog posts highlighting all the exciting new projects and communities that are being developed within the SpotON3D Web Worlds™. The first project that'd we'd like to present to you is our very first MusicaJam™ stage in SpotON3D®.

This free-to-use stage is available for poets and musicians, and has been exclusively developed by metaverse developer Sunny Salamander for SpotON3D. No need for rezzing rights or any other hassle; just click the buttons at the side of the stage to get the instruments set up for you, and you're ready to go.

If you'd like to use a live stream, just send a quick IM to one of the SpotON3D staff members. Thanks to a remote stream switcher developed by metaverse application developer Snowcrash Digital™, our team is able to switch streams for you no matter in which Web World they are.

We are also encouraging musicians to come over and give us their thoughts and opinions on how to formulate MusicaJam and help us in our alpha testing, so we can get your feedback and together squash the last bugs. If you'd like to participate, please contact Phil at Also big thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday during one of these tests - your help and feedback was priceless, without you it's just technology - you make the difference.

Several developers are working hard to get this web world launched; next to the SpotON3D Tech Team, Taff Nouvelle (a lifetime musicians and audio engineer), metaverse developers Sunny Salamander and Snowcrash Digital™ are all ganging up to create an unprecedented online live music experience, using all of the turn-key technologies SpotON3D already developed, including cloud serviced venues and HotSwap scenes™.

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