Friday, January 21, 2011

FREEBie stores … FREEBie builder sandbox!

SpotON3D® happily invites you to come build and play around in our brand new sandbox. Log in, open up the world map and look for the region called "Epsilon", where you'll find a full region for you to play around in. This sandbox has a 3-hour "self cleaning function" - so do make sure to backup your builds once in a while. And here are a few more reasons why building in SpotON3D is better!
  • No upload fees
  • Prims stretch to 256x256
  • No distance linking restrictions
  • Daisy chain linked sets over the 256 limit
  • Sculpts conform to shape – no need to make phantom
Ladies & Gentleman! Now you can shop FOR FREE in SpotON3D®’s new FREEBIE Store called Stylistic, just off the main entrance to the SpotON3D Hub Grid. No, it's not stocked with designer duds, but it is absolutely free – modify and copy perms for you to mix, match and tint to work with your other outfits. More new stuff will be added weekly, so if you don’t see what you like this week keep checking in. More choices will be coming your way.

Log in to SpotON3D, and once at the central landing point, Click on the FREEBIE sign to get a landmark, or just walk over to our new Stylistics shop - or if you can't possible wait till your next log-in, have a look at the Stylistics Shoppe listings on!

Happy rezzing!

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  1. maybe it's a lack of coffee i'm only on my second cup but i'm very confused as to what your company offers ? co brandable vbirtual worlds ?