Friday, February 3, 2012

SpotON3D's Community Chat Channel - Staying Connected!

SpotON3D makes it very easy for everyone to communicate while logged into the world. You can use text chat, instant messages (IMs), group notices, and even voice chat to get your message across to other residents. But what about those times when you cannot be in world? We realize that residents of our online community have jobs and other responsibilities in life, and cannot always be logged in to SpotON3D to receive or to convey important information with others.

This is why we set up the SpotON3D Community Chat Channel on Skype! Now everyone who wishes to be a part of it can communicate with other SpotON3D residents directly from their Skype account, either on their home or work PC or from their mobile device. There are nearly 40 members hooked up to the channel already, and you can join in just by setting up your own Skype account (if you haven't already), and then speaking to one of our "hub huggers" at our Welcome area. Or if you know someone who is already a part of community chat, just ask them to invite you in!

Once you've been hooked up to Community Chat, you will discover that it isn't all business...there is a fair amount of joking around and general levity that goes on as well. However, all conversation and content that takes place there must be G4E (Good for Everyone).

Because of its versatility, we use Skype for many different purposes. We often hold impromptu or scheduled meetings in Skype voice, and we have special channels set up for use by our greeters, technical support, and marketing areas. We may at some point explore other off-world communication options, but for now Skype has proven to be a reliable and convenient method for everyone.

If you join Community Chat, then you may wish to turn off the notifier for incoming IMs, since it can become rather annoying if you are using speakers or a headset. To do this:
- Choose Call from the Skype menu, then Audio Settings.
- Click on the "Sounds" icon in the left-hand bar of the Options screen.
- Uncheck the box "incoming IM" from the list.
- Click the Save button.


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