Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grid Wrap, feat. Michael Somerset - TODAY Sat., Feb 4 from 11am-12pm MVT

Come join us today for Grid Wrap, from 11am-12pm MVT/Pacific. Varda will be speaking with an important member of the SpotON3D community: our in-house animator, Michael Somerset. Michael is an innovative and talented fellow who creates all of his own animations. He has already listed a new Male and Female AO on SpotONSynergy, giving everyone a fresh alternative to the standard animations we have all seen before. He also has done animations for ice skating, snowboarding, skiing, and other activities that are part of our new Snowybrook Winter Resort community.

Come and take this opportunity to learn more about how animations work in SpotON3D. This should be a fascinating and informative hour, so be sure and come early to get a good seat!

The GridWrap Studios are located on SpotON3D/WorldWorks at If you are unable to make it to the show, you can access the broadcast on the Web at


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