Sunday, February 19, 2012

Creator's Cafe Grand Opening: February 25!

We are very pleased to announce that next Saturday will be the grand opening of a new region that has been set up especially for those who love to create... the Creator's Cafe! Opening day will be marked by festivities and prize giveaways, and will begin at 11am MVT/Pacific time on the Cafe region within SpotON3D (landmark will be posted later in the week).

The Creator's Cafe is the dream of builder and visionary Kitteh Noir, and thanks to her efforts it has become a reality. Her intent was to provide a cozy place where creators such as herself could relax, work on their projects, mingle with other creators, and collaborate on ideas. The goal of the Cafe is clearly stated in the mission statement, imprinted on an archway inside: "To provide a service and location for all creators of all skill sets... a 'cozy environment' to grow and to nurture their talent. A group for creators, created by creators."

Come and work in an area free of distractions, surrounded by fellow creators who are as driven for perfection as you are. Get inspiration from what others do, and inspire them to greater things. Learn skills from the best by taking part in a class, such as one of the building courses that 10 Goosson will be offering. Advertise on the job board for someone to help you out with your project, or go there to find a project that you can help out with. All of this and much more is possible at the Creator's Cafe!

What services will be provided? Here is a brief list of what you will find there:

  • Coffee / Tea house: Where creators can sit and chat without fear of prejudice, or fear of being griefed or bullied for their thoughts or creations.

  • Jobs Wall: A post-it note wall that will have active jobs posted by creators should they choose to, offering others to join them in finishing a job for either a split of the profits or a discount on end product.

  • TP / Banner Board: A wall dedicated to advertising your product or service. We do ask for a tiny donation for this per week of OS$100 to help support the Cafe. Help for this is always greatly appreciated!

  • Taste test: A weekly product that the group can test for a limited time before sale.

  • Sand box: A place where creators both new and old can come and build. There will be 3 sandboxes available: one reserved for scripting projects, and the other two for builds.

  • Classes: This is purely voluntary and must be scheduled on the Cafe calendar. We would like four classes per week to start with, dealing with anything creative. For example, there may be classes in graphics programs for texture artists or soon to be artists; classes for scripters and coders; sculpt making classes; or even classes in effective ways to market your products. All ideas are welcome.

  • Gift Shop: What cafe, real or online, doesn't want to have people enjoy looking at great knickknacks and fun things? Well if you have an item listed on SpotONSynergy and want to offer it up to the group in the Cafe shop, then let us know. We would love to have it out on display for you. :)

  • Rez and RL Birthday Parties: Each member will have two parties a year -- their rez day and their actual birthday, if they choose to have these listed on the Cafe calendar. You may opt out of this if you wish. A list of other events within the 3D Web Worlds will also be displayed there.

The Creator's Cafe already has a web site address picked out: The site is not yet active, but will be available soon. There you should be able to find everything that is available within the cafe, as well as discussion forums.

The Creator's Cafe will be an exciting and welcome addition to SpotON3D/WorldWorks. Come to the grand opening celebration this Saturday, February 25, starting at 11am MVT/Pacific! The area is still being made ready, so we will hold off posting a landmark for the time being. But check back here later in the week for your limo to the party!


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    11:15 a Quick Tour after words of welcome
    11:45 'Comedy Routine'\
    11:55 Puzzle Speed-Build Contest
    12:35 Chatting, Dancing, Discussion, Laughter & more

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