Monday, February 27, 2012

Spotlight on Technology: Is SpotON3D on an iPad Possible??

Apple's iPad 3 is reportedly scheduled for release in early March, and there has been talk that it will include features which could move it closer to supporting higher-end gaming applications. This may open the door for development of a truly robust graphical version of SpotON3D that would run on an iPad, something that has not been possible before.

All of this is really nothing more than speculation at this point, because the information available (including the release date of the iPad 3) is based mostly on rumors and unnamed sources. But even if it turn outs that the new iPad is not the powerhouse that some are predicting, it seems obvious that the technology is not THAT far off. Will we soon be passing people in the supermarket aisle who are slumped over their iPads, while they're shopping in a store in SpotON3D at the same time? Yes, probably. As ridiculous as that scenario may sound, being able to have a fully functional viewer at your fingertips wherever you go will undoubtedly be an exciting and game-changing step.

Here's a quick summary of the upgrades that MAY end up as part of the new iPad 3 (keep in mind that these come from anonymous sources, and Apple has not released any information as of yet):
  • a 1GHz quad-core processor (the iPad 2 uses a dual-core processor);

  • a "retina display", which essentially is a super high-resolution screen;

  • LTE connectivity, a standard which increases the communication capacity and speed using new modulation techniques.

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