Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is BoostCLOUD?

HOST UP TO 125 Users
In a Dedicated Cloud Server

A lot of people have been asking for details about our BoostCLOUD™ servers and the usual suspects seem intent on confusing the facts, so I figured I'd get it written down so no one is confused or led astray. This is a new deal because SpotON3D is, we think, the only grid that has integrated Cloud Servers into their system. This gives region owners the choice to temporarily ramp up the power, privacy, and performance on their regions for a low hourly rate.

And let me repeat that - ITS A CHOICE. No one is forced to use it, so no one needs to worry about mysterious charges or of suddenly getting a huge bill because a huge group of people ran into your region and triggered something, as some folks have implied.

The bottom line is, everyone wants a low cost alternative. But, they also want great stability, privacy, and performance. In addtion, they want the option to hang out with as many friends as they can - but not for 200-300 a month! Why pay for a high cost laggy shared server all month long when you can have a dedicated server at your disposal and only pay for it when you actually need it? Our regular lite-use grid is designed to host well above the normal user numbers for an average region owner, with the option to ramp up the capacity, privacy, and performance for a really sweet low hourly fee.


• BoostCloud™ is never automated - It’s always YOUR CHOICE to turn it on.

Why pay $200-$300 a month to share a server, just to occasionally host events, and then freeze up or crash when 50-60 people arrive? BoostCloud lets you host up to 125 users at low hourly fees, so you only pay for that extra capacity when you actually need it.
PERFECT FOR CLUB OWNERS! WHY PAY MORE FOR LESS? Are you paying 200-300 a month and getting lag and inconsistent user hosting abilities on another grid? Turn on your BoostCloud Server in SpotON3D regions and you can party down with up to 125 of your best clubbers for $100’s of dollars less with monster performance!
IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MATH! Even if you use BoostCloud four times a week for four hours at a time to host up to 50 users, that’s still only $95.36 a month- Way less than the 200-300 per month and with better power, privacy and stability.
BoostCloud™ PRICING:
o $1.49/hr for up to 50 people
o $2.99/hr for up to 100 people
o $3.99/hr for up to 125 people

So while you're scooting around the Metaverse, make sure you keep in mind the one truth (that no one I think can argue with) when you see prices that seem too good to be true, or feel lag when you go in, or crash repeatedly - You get what you pay for.

NEED HIGH CAPACITY HOSTING 24/7? Yes, we even offer that if you really need or want it.

Ask us about our Shared & Dedicated Server Options. Just email us at and tell us a bit about your project and how many concurrent users you think you’ll need to accommodate.

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