Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skye Galaxy Today @ 3pm SLT on SpotON3D!

Hey all,

wanted to tell you about a big concert we're having with Skye Galaxy today at 3pm SLT in SpotON3D - check him out here!

A wildly wonderful performer! Truly moving to experience and should be even more so in our specially built venue by Phoenix DaVinci, just for the premiere of MusicaJam on Gridwrap.

Today at 3pm on the SpotON3D grid. Grab your FREE4EVER avatar and get outfitted at our freebie stores!

This wonderful concert will also be filmed by MetaverseTV* !!

*By attending you give permisison for your avatar to be filmed and broadcast live on the internet and archived for later use.

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