Thursday, February 10, 2011

Announcing the SpotON3D Developer Program

We're most happy to report that at SpotON3D® there's an ever growing in-stream of new users of all categories; recreational users, business users, content creators and application developers. Especially for the incoming content creators and application developers, the SpotON3D team is excited to announce we're developing a SpotON3D Developer Program.

Internet-veteran and SpotON3D team member Philippe "Phil" Pascal, Co-founder of Metaverse Developer Snowcrash Digital™ and published author on topics of new media and marketing, will be developing a fully-featured developer and certified developer program for content creators and application developers active within our Web Worlds™.

The developer program will focus on five elements of sim design and execution. First and most important; Quality assurance - as Web Worlds are still a pretty new medium it's not always easy for users to judge the quality of the products delivered to them. With our certification system, SpotON3D aims to offer a certain level of quality insurance, so potential users can have faith that they're investing in a good, stable and reliable product.

Secondly there's pro-active support. SpotON3D will have a group established for the SO3D Developer Program members, giving you direct access to your peers and dedicated staff of SpotON3D. It is hoped this will establish a clear line of communication for directly collaboration between our team and yours, offering an appropriate response in a timely fashion.

We also aim for a high level of transparency, meeting with our developers on regular times talking them through the upcoming new features and evolutions well enough in advance for them to be able to anticipate. Networking will also play an important role in our developer program, introducing our developers to each other, and highlighting each other's specialties. We strongly believe that by encouraging networking between all the specialized developers, we will bring a higher level of quality to the projects taking place in our Web Worlds. Last, but certainly not least, SpotON3D will actively promote and market the projects and products developed by our content creators and application developers to businesses as they come in.

There’s a window of opportunity for developers to step in and help formulate how their role will meld with the SpotON3D objectives. Over the next month, we’ll be announcing meetings for members of our developer community to come together for this purpose. To join us in this exciting expansion of our services, please reach out to us with your ideas and suggestions through Phil Pascal, the SO3D Developer Program Manager via e-mail at Within the month we’ll be sending out invitations to those expressing an interest and help you get back to work.

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