Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Around the world with SpotON3D® - Part 3

After a very exciting week at SpotON3D in which we announced our partnership with Phoenix Viewer and had the wonderful Mankind Tracer and Craig Lyons perform in our Web Worlds™, we're all very much up to speed here at SpotON3D and happy to show you some more of the momentum that's on our side.
One of the many exciting projects being developed in our Web Worlds is the Content Creator Conference & Expo. Phoenix DaVinci of Auspicious Primz is the lead builder for the event scheduled for sometimes in April. AS you can see he’s making real progress! Lovely build!

Francisco Koolhoven and Rettiset Gopheller are part of the lead organizers for what should be a huge Metaverse event. The idea behind the CCCE is to bring creators, grid owners and users together to explore opportunities to collaborate and do business together, learn about the growing market outside of SL and maybe even generate some sales of Migration Packages. What’s that you ask? Well, every creator has old content that for one reason or another they take off the market and squirrel away in their inventories. While most of it is deemed outdated for Second Life® users, many in the OpenSim community would be ecstatic to have them, either as freebies or for a bulk package price. Creators make money off old content they can’t sell anymore in SL and get their name out to users they might not have had any brand awareness with before. Everyone wins! Yah! \0/
We are looking for more panel members to head up the CCCE 2011 and for volunteers to help out. Just email us at contact@spoton3d.com if you’re interested.

Stay tuned for future updates on this content creators conference & more news about the SpotON3D Developer Program, our version of Solution Providers .
And to all our new residents …. If you’ve got a project or story you’d like to see featured in our "Around the world"-series don't hesitate to contact Phil at phil@spoton3d.com.

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