Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VeeSome Landrush - Last chance!

Have you ever seen regions fly? Here at SpotON3D® we actually did, as the VeeSome Landrush regions just flew out of the door. Not even a month after our Phoenix viewer announcement on January 24th, we've seen close to a 120 regions rented and a fair bunch of parcels became homes to new residents. So here's a quick message for those that would like to enjoy a lifelong guaranteed low price; be quick, 'cause we only got a few of those regions and parcels left!

Once all the regions are sold, we will stop our Landrush action, and the "normal" prices and rates will be applied to regions in all of our grids again. Please note; don't let the "Veesome Landrush" action name fool you - your region can be moved to any of our grids when desired.

With only 25 special priced regions left and about 20 parcels, the clock is ticking!

Once these are out, the pricing will return to;

For parcels: $24.99 setup fees

  • 732 prims parcel @ 14.99USD/month
  • 1875 prims parcel @ 18.99USD/month
  • 2373 prims @ 24.99USD/month

For islands: $49.99 setup fees

  • 3750 prims island @ 39.99USD/month
  • 5000 prims island @ 59.99USD/month
  • 15000 prims island @ 74.99USD/month

All of the above prices include a premium key-account with 5 avatars, all enjoying all the benefits a premium account has to offer. Don't hesitate any longer, and contact us today at info@spoton3d.com to reserve your region at the special low prices. Make sure to visit http://land.veesome.com for all information on our Landrush action.

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