Friday, June 8, 2012

Resident Profile: Scripter Creator

We see a wide range of people come into SpotON3D, each unique in their own way and bringing with them their own particular set of talents.  Well, since we at SpotON3D are planning to implement mesh capabilities on our platform in the near future, we are particularly grateful for the talents that Scripter Creator brings with him!

This rather unique photo of Scripter (published with his permission) gives you a glimpse into his life.  He's an electrical engineer and inventor, who makes working prototypes of his patentable ideas.  He also makes musical electronic components, another of his interests.  But what's really attracted our attention is a tool that he developed within days of coming here... one that can transform regular primitive shapes into mesh objects!

Scripter's prim2mesh tool presently handles the conversion of boxes, cylinders and spheres with all tortures except for slice and hole shape (and twist for spheres), and he is continuing to add new features to it.  As shown in the illustration at right, the tool generates a series of dots around the object that you wish to convert, and you can manipulate the shape by moving the dots.  As it is currently set up, the tool generates a Wavefront (*.obj) file that appears in local chat (only viewable by the one using the tool).  This data can be copied and pasted into an external file, where it can be then be prepared and uploaded into SpotON3D in mesh format.  This will be an easy-to-learn tool that anyone can use to create many types of mesh objects, without needing specialized knowledge of 3D modeling programs.  How great is that?!

Please note that SpotON3D is still in the preliminary stages of evaluating mesh, and we do not yet permit individuals to upload mesh objects.  However, those wishing to test mesh capabilities are welcome to get in touch with us at, and we can upload models for you.

The prim2mesh tool started out as a limited-ability giveaway item that he made in Second Life, and he has greatly expanded upon it here.  He plans to place the tool on the SpotONSynergy marketplace soon with an option to send output to email rather than local chat, which will allow more data to be captured, resulting in higher resolutions.  The best way to do this would be through a web server, but since he does not have access to one at the moment, this will do the job nicely.

Scripter has also just finished a spiral staircase maker, as well as a much-needed boat script that has some real kick to it!  Both of these products are available on our marketplace, SpotONSynergy.

Scripter wants to give "a great big thank-you to all who create ... I am eternally grateful to all who enhance my life by creating for me.  Here's wishing all of us the very best that SpotON3D has to offer!"

Be sure to check out Scripter's products on SpotONSynergy by clicking Here.

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  1. Superb work from a great chap. Bravo! And thank you. This gentleman is a huge asset and a great addition to our community,

  2. He's a very nice person, and in my humble opinion, a genius. He's extremely creative and also a very personable gentleman. Thank you for introducing me to SO Mr Scripter :)

    RiverDawn Christian