Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New 3DWeb Portal Plugin/Wizard!

Residents, Educators and Businesses hosted by WorldWorks or SpotON3D will enjoy unprecedented customization in the near future with our new 3DWeb Plugin Wizard.  This simple-to-use wizard will place a button onto your Website or blog which, when someone clicks it, will log them into WorldWorks/SpotON3D!

The wizard offers many exciting features:
  • It lets your Web site visitors get online in WorldWorks  / SpotON3D , right from your Web site.
  • It’s as simple as adding a small snippet of Javascript to the HTML of any Web page to which you have editing rights, in the same way that you embed YouTube  videos.
  • If you’re a Premium member, you can set up the button to send your Website visitors directly to your very own region/3DWeb space, turning it into an extension of your Web page!
Business and educational users can try out the WorldWorks version of the wizard at https://worldworks.net/world/get_your_plugin_here/.  If you’re a recreational user, please try out the version at https://spoton3d.com/world/get_your_plugin_here/.

We have made considerable improvements to our browser-based 3DWeb Portal Plugin, compared to our previous alpha version. For one, it has a much wider and taller client window. The window also sits on top of your current Web page using Lightbox technology, much like photos are handled in Facebook. Finally, you are able to resize the viewer window by simply resizing the browser. Please feel free to try out the 3DWeb Portal Plugin by going to http://test.spoton3d.com and clicking on the “Jump Into the 3DWeb 4 Free” button.

For those who have enjoyed using our alpha plugin via 3DURL.com, we want to say thank you for your bug reports and the terrific case studies we’ve seen using this groundbreaking technology. In our continued effort to implement new upgrades to our platform systems and stay compatible with our upcoming system changes, the alpha plugin project will be discontinued.. Those using our technology to further their projects are encouraged to contact us for continued service by emailing us at contact@worldworks.com.

Spoton3d, LLC DBA WorldWorks respects the intellectual property rights of others.  If you believe anything in this article violates your or any other entities' rights, please contact us at legal@worldworks.net. Spoton3d, SpotONSynergy and WorldWorks is owned by Spoton3d, LLC. All other marks are owned by their respective owners .

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